Thursday, June 14, 2012


Sorry about the delay o blog.  Some camera issues.  Which have been completely resolved.  Mom bought a new one to capture all of our lives most precious moments.

After spending some time in Cali, which will only be alive in our minds, we headed to Cincy, then on again to Florida.  And to meet us there were our fantastic cousins Eden, Leo and Helen.

Eden and I are total besties.  Like, totally.  Here we are walking the streets of Fernandina with my little brother, who wanted to hold our hands.  Really.  We started walking without doing so and he was communicating in the Weiler's own way, which we new to mean, "please hold my hands girls".

 And what is a trip to Florida without Fernandina's Fantastic Fudge?

Even HaHa got in on the action.  Lucky girl.  I can promise you that Eden and I did not get FFF at 9 months.  No way.

And the cutest baby boy in the world award goes brother!

We then left those crazies and headed south to my old stompin grounds.  Really, I was born in Orlando.  And my oldest bestie, Wyatt.  We got to do soccer camp all week.  Which was pretty rockin.  I even won World Cup (England) one session.  Winning goal right here.  Dad says it's all about the goals.  Mom says it's all about defending.  I'm torn.

And my brother Hayes got some QT with Mom.  Lucky Hayes!

Oh, this is pretty terrific.  One night the Moms splurged and took us to Pirate Adventure!!! What??  What!!!  Yeah, it was amazing.  Eating pirate food while watching the show!!

Hayes learning to dance his cup while singing a cheers.  This should come in handy...

The show...

And the kids were asked to come up and walk the plank.  Thanks, I'm good, I'll sit here with Y and mom.  Wyatt (yellow shirt) and Hayes (to the left of Wyatt, only pirate hat showing), however, had no qualms about going up there.  Crazy boys.

Had our adventure ended?  No way!  Cootietime!!!!  We used to live next to the most awesomest people ever-the Cootie's!!!!  Now, these people totally rock, so we HAD to go say hi.  And impose for a meal.  And Klondike bars.  And swimming.

I told Dad on the phone how much I love the crazy Mr. Cootie!

He spun me around and around and around til we were soooooooo dizzy!

To show you how awesome mom's new camera is (and how cool Mr. Cootie is...)

Mr. Cootie was sure to sleep well last night, I know we did.  Now I need to get some pics off of mom's phone and add em later.  I promise ;).

Off to soccer camp and to hang out with some more friends this afternoon!