Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Well, Halloween here starts a bit early.  And we mean early in the morning and early in the month of October.  You see, we got Boo'd!  Oh, Hayes on the keyboard right now.  We still don't know WHO boo'd us, just that some wonderful neighbor dropped off a goody basket filled with Halloween wonderfulness. 

Mom is still freakin' about who did it, but she may never know.

And in return, we had to Boo 2 more people.  Since Chloe was boo'd the same morning we were, we went out together to trick someone.  This is us yelling Boo, ready to take the neighborhood by storm in my favorite mode of transportation.

Pumpkin carving.  Y even got in on the action this year.

Wait?  I know there was a pic of our family by our pumpkins but have no idea where it went.  Hang on, just a sec.  Hmmm, I can't seem to find it.  Oh, well, maybe that's why Mom doesn't like when I mess with the camera, I must've deleted the family photo on accident.  Sorry, Mom.

Anyway, moving on to the big day.  Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls I'm proud to present, Barbie fashion fairytale, racecar driver and our very own drill instructor!!!  Applause!!  Notice the DI's boots, please. 

Let's get some candy folks!

The cute couple who made this all possible...

The DI rockin' his ride, enjoying the late bedtime.  Also, please notice his great pecs.  Built in muscles are a nice touch, I think.

And I got so excited at one point I left my ride, thanks, Dad, for looking out for me.

Oh, this was the preparty with our neighborhood friends.  Rock on!!!
 The Kappels and Fultons.  I mean, Aeriel, Barbie, Race Car Driver.  Front row-Drill Instructor and witch.
 Family photo-that's not really our parents in the backround, btw.
 Mom bought us some silly string!  Always have to have a joke up your sleeve!
And finally, our loot!  Y didn't have any, but he said he was fine with his yogurt/fruit smoothie.

Well, for the first time in a long time, we are all caught up on the blog!  Love to ya and Happy Halloween!

Y's first haircut!

I know I don't type very often, but you have to understand that I sleep a lot more than my older brother and sister.  It's also hard enough to play with my own toys, let alone move them over so I can use the computer.  Weiler here, to walk you through my first haircut.

Pretty exciting times, let me tell you.

Well, I got to go with the big boys.  Daddy and Hayes get their hair cut at this barber shop on base, so, well, time for me to start growing up, I guess.
Just a little trim around the ears, please.
Don't I look smashing!  Ooooh, the difference is remarkable.

And thanks, Reeder, for reminding Mom to save some of my hair.  Third child....

KAHL Fieldtrips

Our lives can be a little crazy, as you may have noticed.  Mom see ONE billboard and she thinks it looks like a great idea.  Like Robbie Knievel.  Yep, you got it right.  But for his big jump we had a scheduling conflict, so Mom took us to one of the preshows.  And as only our mother does, she drags some unsuspecting friends with us.  We're sorry, Harts, but that's what you get when you befriend  our Momma.

So, we break Matti out of school, and head an hour and a half to a nearby casino, of course.

Now here enters the funny part.  We were the ONLY ones there. As you can see, the place is ready for crowds of hundreds.  Nope, 7.  You got it.  Us.

So, we got gold star treatment.  We got to meet the bikers (none of which were Robbie), and got to sit near the Globe of Death.  Pretty cool.

As the crowd waits....

And it begins!  A few people straggled a way from penny slots to watch the show, but don't get mislead-we were the only ones who came for the big event.

And what kids don't look good in a casino?  Thanks Mom and Ms. Kandi-we all loved it.  Brayden even said that he want to be a bikerman when he grows up.  Glad we can inspire!

Ok, next field trip.  Maybe with a bit more learning power.  This time we went with our homeschool coop to an awesome pumpkin patch.  Again, and hour and a half drive.  As with the previous fieldtrip, well worth the drive!

They taught us how pumpkins grow...  And Hayes raised his hand in anticipation of the answer, no question had been asked quite yet...

Why does our mother find it hilarious when we scream?  My poor little brother.  She thought it would be a funny picture since we're celebrating his birthday on Thanksgiving.  Get it?  Y with a turkey?  Hilarious, mother, hilarious.

Check out the view from our pumpkin patch!  Pretty cool, don't you think?

I take it as my sole responsibility to make Y laugh when Mom is making him cry.  Love you, little bro!

And another cornmaze.  But notice the difference between this and the Ohio one, green!  Weird...

Our pumpkin harvest.  All these were grown at the farm, and our now decorating our house fabulously.  Including one on my bedside table.

3rd fieldtrip in a week.  The magic school bus.  This was supposed to be with the coop, but, well, no one else showed.  So, I got wind of this and used their tickets to invite my friends, Chloe and Lilly.  Hayes and I LOVE magic school bus so he got to come, too.  We left Y. 

Check out our fancy chairs!

The stage!

Hayes looking like he's off for college.  Mom says we can't get married until after grad school, fyi.

Our other "teacher", Ms. Rachel (aka, Lilly's mother).

Chloe posing near the awesome lights.

Another great day at KAHL academy!

THE Wedding

What a wedding weekend for this flower girl!  I had so much to do, and such a big role to play.  Don't worry, I've been practicing for months!  I take these kinds of positions VERY seriously.  Especially when it comes to being the Senior Flower girl.  I realized that it would be my job to help with the younger ladies as well.

So, when my wonderful cousin Mikayla and I were getting antsy, I figured a tea party was in order.  Helped pass the time til our big moment, you know.
And Hayes, was, well Hayes.  He got to be the ring bearer.  But then Boo and Prince Evan decided that wasn't a good idea.  They then decided to go the bell bearer route.  That was thought to be even a worse idea.  Which I agree with.  Then the decided on sign bearer.  I completely agree that that was the best idea.  And I have to admit, pretty cute, too.  Even if he is my little brother.

And so, while waiting, they practiced.

For the big moment!  My GORGEOUS Aunt Boo (and good looking Grandparents, too, I might add).
And isn't her Prince one handsome man?

Mikayla and I did a very good job-and don't skim too fast.  That's my cousin Eden watching us carefully to make sure we're doing it right-she has some expertise in the field as well.

The pics got a little out of order, but that's ok.  The married couple-Mrs. and Mr. Dushman!!

And Hayes.

Oh, this was funny.  During the ceremony Hayes wanted to go let Aunt Boo know that he "did awesome" (exact words).  So, he thought this was the right time to tell them.  Mom came to the rescue very quickly.

And my wonderful mother, as a bridesmaid.

This was the boys real walk.  Didn't it turn out magnificent.  Hayes, you did do awesome!

And I saved a few pedals to smell throughout the ceremony.
That's a wrap folks-it was a gorgeous day, gorgeous bride, and I had a great time!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cincinnati Bound

I'm (Hayes) gonna keep typing here since I'm in a groove.  We're heading to Aunt Boo's wedding!  Which, of course, will get it's own post.  But, we'll sum up the rest of the trip in this blog.  First, we had a layover in Denver.  And I'd like to tell you, people, that they have the BEST USO anywhere!  Check out the kid zone where were able to stretch our legs and play.

Our snuggle with Daddy, as Reeder like to do.  Notice her USMC pillow.

And then Weiler got in on the snuggling action.
Oh, the glory.  This takes me back to when I was a young kid.  Y's first Skyline experience.  First, the crackers.  (Which turned out to not be such a great idea because they are a bit of a choking hazard.)

And then his 4 way arrived.  Yeah, little man enjoys the beans (favorite food, btw).

And the finished product.  No lie.  When they took his plate away Y started grabbing Reeder's.  Pretty funny.

And no Cincinnati in the fall trip would be complete without a farm and a cornmaze.

And some corn grindin'.

And friends!  This is my buddy, James, from the Nasty!

We went exploring in a sunflower field and had a fantastic time!

Oh, and we just happened to hit the jackpot on Cooper's birthday!  Coop decided that he wanted to go to lazer tag.  Rock on, Coop.  I often talk about how I want to be like Cooper when I grow up!.
Aunt NikNik and my new cousin Helen.  Gotta admit that I love both of those chicks.

Lazer tag!  Papa Jerry brought out his old Army tricks.  And helped Eden since the pack was a bit much for her to handle.  So she got to fire, Papa was the one getting hit.  And the vests vibrated!

Check out how I mimic my idol...
Pretty proud of myself.  And the place was pitch dark, with some black lights-Mom's flash is a little misleading.

We cornered teh birthday boy!
And upon leaving, Mom told me to go wait in the car.  Well, she took too long...
Oh, this was another fun night.  I had just picked out my Halloween costume (more of that later), and we met Mom and her cronies at Orange Leaf, a cool little ice cream place (supposedly really frozen yogurt) and chowed.  It was great.  Oh, and Ms. Cindy, Mom says sorry that you were caught in such a disciplinary moment-she owes you one.  :)

Loved Cincy, can't wait to get back!