Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Y's first haircut!

I know I don't type very often, but you have to understand that I sleep a lot more than my older brother and sister.  It's also hard enough to play with my own toys, let alone move them over so I can use the computer.  Weiler here, to walk you through my first haircut.

Pretty exciting times, let me tell you.

Well, I got to go with the big boys.  Daddy and Hayes get their hair cut at this barber shop on base, so, well, time for me to start growing up, I guess.
Just a little trim around the ears, please.
Don't I look smashing!  Ooooh, the difference is remarkable.

And thanks, Reeder, for reminding Mom to save some of my hair.  Third child....


  1. Looks like Hayes did just fine! Glad that Reeder is supervising all the fun!