Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cincinnati Bound

I'm (Hayes) gonna keep typing here since I'm in a groove.  We're heading to Aunt Boo's wedding!  Which, of course, will get it's own post.  But, we'll sum up the rest of the trip in this blog.  First, we had a layover in Denver.  And I'd like to tell you, people, that they have the BEST USO anywhere!  Check out the kid zone where were able to stretch our legs and play.

Our snuggle with Daddy, as Reeder like to do.  Notice her USMC pillow.

And then Weiler got in on the snuggling action.
Oh, the glory.  This takes me back to when I was a young kid.  Y's first Skyline experience.  First, the crackers.  (Which turned out to not be such a great idea because they are a bit of a choking hazard.)

And then his 4 way arrived.  Yeah, little man enjoys the beans (favorite food, btw).

And the finished product.  No lie.  When they took his plate away Y started grabbing Reeder's.  Pretty funny.

And no Cincinnati in the fall trip would be complete without a farm and a cornmaze.

And some corn grindin'.

And friends!  This is my buddy, James, from the Nasty!

We went exploring in a sunflower field and had a fantastic time!

Oh, and we just happened to hit the jackpot on Cooper's birthday!  Coop decided that he wanted to go to lazer tag.  Rock on, Coop.  I often talk about how I want to be like Cooper when I grow up!.
Aunt NikNik and my new cousin Helen.  Gotta admit that I love both of those chicks.

Lazer tag!  Papa Jerry brought out his old Army tricks.  And helped Eden since the pack was a bit much for her to handle.  So she got to fire, Papa was the one getting hit.  And the vests vibrated!

Check out how I mimic my idol...
Pretty proud of myself.  And the place was pitch dark, with some black lights-Mom's flash is a little misleading.

We cornered teh birthday boy!
And upon leaving, Mom told me to go wait in the car.  Well, she took too long...
Oh, this was another fun night.  I had just picked out my Halloween costume (more of that later), and we met Mom and her cronies at Orange Leaf, a cool little ice cream place (supposedly really frozen yogurt) and chowed.  It was great.  Oh, and Ms. Cindy, Mom says sorry that you were caught in such a disciplinary moment-she owes you one.  :)

Loved Cincy, can't wait to get back!

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