Wednesday, November 2, 2011

THE Wedding

What a wedding weekend for this flower girl!  I had so much to do, and such a big role to play.  Don't worry, I've been practicing for months!  I take these kinds of positions VERY seriously.  Especially when it comes to being the Senior Flower girl.  I realized that it would be my job to help with the younger ladies as well.

So, when my wonderful cousin Mikayla and I were getting antsy, I figured a tea party was in order.  Helped pass the time til our big moment, you know.
And Hayes, was, well Hayes.  He got to be the ring bearer.  But then Boo and Prince Evan decided that wasn't a good idea.  They then decided to go the bell bearer route.  That was thought to be even a worse idea.  Which I agree with.  Then the decided on sign bearer.  I completely agree that that was the best idea.  And I have to admit, pretty cute, too.  Even if he is my little brother.

And so, while waiting, they practiced.

For the big moment!  My GORGEOUS Aunt Boo (and good looking Grandparents, too, I might add).
And isn't her Prince one handsome man?

Mikayla and I did a very good job-and don't skim too fast.  That's my cousin Eden watching us carefully to make sure we're doing it right-she has some expertise in the field as well.

The pics got a little out of order, but that's ok.  The married couple-Mrs. and Mr. Dushman!!

And Hayes.

Oh, this was funny.  During the ceremony Hayes wanted to go let Aunt Boo know that he "did awesome" (exact words).  So, he thought this was the right time to tell them.  Mom came to the rescue very quickly.

And my wonderful mother, as a bridesmaid.

This was the boys real walk.  Didn't it turn out magnificent.  Hayes, you did do awesome!

And I saved a few pedals to smell throughout the ceremony.
That's a wrap folks-it was a gorgeous day, gorgeous bride, and I had a great time!


  1. so glad you guys were there! cutest flower girl and ring bearer ever!

  2. Well of course the wedding was stunning- but Reeder and Hayes were absolutely wonderful! I loved how "in charge" Reeder was- and of course so very pretty. And Hayes was so genuinely Hayes! What fun! And I loved having Reeder join us on Friday for "nails and lunch"!