Thursday, June 23, 2011

Back to life

Just like that, we gotta get back to real life. So, Mom and I went to do some laundry while Reeder and Dad went to get his uniform all situated for some function. Y was with us. Just showing you how quickly we get back into the daily grind. Broken washing machines and all.
And soccer camp, too. We're in the process of moving on base, you'll see all that another time. But, we're kids and we gotta do what kids do. Get up as early as possible if you're a true desert rat, get some pt in, and hide indoors or in water the rest of the day. Soccer camp at 8 am!

This pic is to show you how cool my sister is. You know, she's getting pretty good at soccer. Even in all her pink and stuff. You know what? My mom was on a pink team, too, once.

And on wacky Wednesday you may be shocked at what Reeder picked to wear, but I wasn't. Oh, and I didn't have the best soccer attitude, so there aren't quite as many pics of me. But, I did like it and by the end of the week I was doing quite well, if I do say so myself.

Coach Matt giving me some pointers.

Coach Callum. He said that Reeder was the best behaved kid at camp. Raise your hand if your surpised. I'm touching my toes.

And Reeder as a mouse in one game. With a tinkerbell tattoo on her face. My sister is adorable (yes, I say that a lot these days).

That's it folks. Grama and Grandpa came to visit. We'll have to steal some pics from them for the blog entry. And we leave tomorrow on a 3 week Kappel only family vacation. Should be some pretty good quality time, the 5 of us (plus Poncho and Lefty). Love to you all, catch ya on the flip side!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Let the real waiting begin. Weiler here, cuz, really, I have no idea what to expect. Who is this dude? Is he gonna be cool? Strict? Does he like to hold babies? A lot? Will he change my diaper? Do dads nurse? So many questions! So many needs to fill. I've been waiting my WHOLE life for today. June 1, 2011. I will never forget that date. Just 6 and a half months into my awesome life and I've never been so excited. Well, except for that day Mom started feeding my real food. Or that really fun bath I once took... I digress. Sorry. But meeting my old man? This is gonna be good friends, reeeeaaaal good.

But first, more waiting. I've heard my Mom talk about how the Marines say hurry up and wait. Check. I got it. We got there at 1030 am. Met my old man about 4 and a half hours later. But waiting? I can do that. I've been waiting a long time for this. 4 hours? No. Big. Deal. Just nurse me a couple times and hand me off to random women that need some babylove.

At the beginning of the wait. The LAV. Dad's vehicles.

I'll just chew on this to pass the time.

Even my big brother got a bit tuckered out and tried to take a nap in the bounce house. Didn't quite work out but he did get a little rest.

And you know what's so great about waiting? You mingle, you meet people. And folks, I am a people person. I love people. Just put me in a room of people chatting, and I'll listen. And smile. And coo. I just love it. Social I am.

Enter Missy Buss. She was waiting for her son to return. And had her 2 year old grandson with her. And Mom, Missy and I chatted. About deployments, families, kids, the awesome midwest. We chatted. And you know what? Missy is an amateur photographer. What luck! Oh, Missy, Missy, will you REALLY take photos of me meeting my Dad? Oh, that would be great. They say he's tall, handsome, and in camoflauge. That enough? Thanks a ton!

And then a rumor spread that they were on the way! And we got up, ran to the waiting area. Bus? Where's the bus? Ok, we'll wait some more. I can wait.

And Hayes can rest.

And Missy met her son, had an emotional hello-he snuck up on her. And she ran and found us! YES SHE DID! So we have incredible pictures of this moment. I'll let you go through the next few on your own. Words aren't necessary. Except for the biggest, hugest THANK YOU from me, Weiler Kappel, to you, Missy Buss, who has given me photos that will show me the best day of my young life. Thanks, thanks, THANKS!

Oh, sorry to interrupt, but I gotta point something out. This is when he first spots me, I'm coming in Dad. Check out those eyes. Lock it up, Marine, although I was crying, too:).

And now our family is complete once more!

One last note to end on...

My Dad's XO, Lt Mossbarger, became a father in Afghanistan, too. And would you believe that Evie and I were born ON THE SAME DAY? Crazy, huh? Yeah, well, I HAD to meet the girl. So, this is Evie and me, with our dads. And she was one cool chick, too.

I hope you enjoyed sharing this day with me. Boy, it was special, for sure!