Thursday, June 23, 2011

Back to life

Just like that, we gotta get back to real life. So, Mom and I went to do some laundry while Reeder and Dad went to get his uniform all situated for some function. Y was with us. Just showing you how quickly we get back into the daily grind. Broken washing machines and all.
And soccer camp, too. We're in the process of moving on base, you'll see all that another time. But, we're kids and we gotta do what kids do. Get up as early as possible if you're a true desert rat, get some pt in, and hide indoors or in water the rest of the day. Soccer camp at 8 am!

This pic is to show you how cool my sister is. You know, she's getting pretty good at soccer. Even in all her pink and stuff. You know what? My mom was on a pink team, too, once.

And on wacky Wednesday you may be shocked at what Reeder picked to wear, but I wasn't. Oh, and I didn't have the best soccer attitude, so there aren't quite as many pics of me. But, I did like it and by the end of the week I was doing quite well, if I do say so myself.

Coach Matt giving me some pointers.

Coach Callum. He said that Reeder was the best behaved kid at camp. Raise your hand if your surpised. I'm touching my toes.

And Reeder as a mouse in one game. With a tinkerbell tattoo on her face. My sister is adorable (yes, I say that a lot these days).

That's it folks. Grama and Grandpa came to visit. We'll have to steal some pics from them for the blog entry. And we leave tomorrow on a 3 week Kappel only family vacation. Should be some pretty good quality time, the 5 of us (plus Poncho and Lefty). Love to you all, catch ya on the flip side!

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