Saturday, October 20, 2012

Follow us to....

Well, as you can tell by Mom's belly in the last post, we have a new arrival.  To meet our new sibling and to continue following our adventures check out.....(drumroll please)

See ya there!

Reeder, Hayes and Weiler

Punk'n Patch

Last big adventure before the big adventure arrives.

Pumpkin Patch time!  Let's get out of the desert and head to a near by forest hunt some pumpkins, apples and pears.

And let's not forget Ms. Jessica and Gabe!  They were a staple in our family adventures (well, at least Ms. Jessica) so let's continue!

I found quite a few good ones.  And was very happy pulling the wagon.

Reeder, Hayes and Dad scoping out some pears.

Thanks Hayes.  What you don't see is that about 4 seconds later the front went up, the back went down.  You get the idea.

Reeder showing me the pear loot.

Ms. Jessica.  Reeder thinks she's going to be the first adult she's going to pass in height.

Dad and Hayes working together.

Reeder, enjoying the fruits of their labor.

Some post work snuggles.

And then the big kids were worn out.

I was not interested in that nonsense.  No seat belts.  Way too scary for me, I say.

Big news coming soon....

Big Bear

When Dad comes home from a deployment we get a bit of time to hang just as a fam before he goes back to work.  And we were a bit limited this time due to a couple things.  1.  Mom is super pregs.  2.  Dad didn't want to be anywhere near sand.

Big Bear it is!!

When was the last time you saw pics of the dogs?  They got to come too.

We got to do Alpine slides.  Mom, however, was not allowed to participate.

And what's a Kappel family vacay without some geocaching?  A geocache in a black cat?  Super cool!

Dad hanging with Y while Reeder and I played on the big rocks.

Alpine slide time.

And some fishing, too.  We were playing on the shore of Big Bear lake when a hook floated over and got Hayes right on the flipper.  Ooooh, that was NOT good.

After a quick check up, he was declared ok to return to the fish.

Weiler.  He's pretty cute.

HOMECOMING!!!!!! (and a little prep work)

Reeder here to walk you through an amazing few days.  Here's the deal.  I'm going to let you know how awesome it all was, and let your eyes do the walking.  About a week before Dad got home Mom got all the supplies ready for our signs.  And we live in this awesome neighborhood.  Which means the minute you go outside we have all sorts of friends ready to play.  So, when we headed out front with our rust-o-leum paint and brushes, we made it a party.

And a few are out of order, so hang in there.

And then the big moment finally arrives.  Daddy returns!!!!!!!!!  Oh, you have no idea how good that moment felt!  AHHHHHHHH!!!!!  I LOVE MY DADDY!!!!!

And now we are settling into this nice thing we call life.  Oh, and preparing for that baby, and a move.....