Saturday, October 20, 2012

Finishing up in Fl

We're long past Florida now, but we have some catching up to do.  Momma has to make this blog into a book so we have to get up to date.

Dr. Cutie here, reporting for duty as your blogmaster today.

When we were in downtown Fernandina Reeder found one of her favorite books as a little girl.  The big hungry bear and the red ripe strawberry.  Mom bought it for us, and Reeder's been reading it ever since.

And I love driving cars on Mom's legs.  She likes having the massage.

Mom and I watching the big kids.  Lifeguards on duty.

And more turtle watching.  Jackpot!   Although you really don't want to be happy that there were live turtles in the nest (that means they didn't make it to the Ocean on their own), you can't be happy that we actually got to see these little critters.  Way super cool.

Check out how little those guys are!  Let's set em free!

Run babies run!  Or swim babies swim!

And then we have to bury it all back up, putting all the shells back into the nest.  Hayes was a super helper when it came to this part or our turtle experience.

And I'm more of a watcher.  An observer.  Which works for me.  I like to check all this stuff out.

And then Papa and Hayes headed to the ocean.  Not sure who's the lifeguard, but we still have em both so I guess it worked.

And Reeder, dancin' in the waves.

I have a pretty good looking' body, I admit it.  So, I generally am not fully clothed.  Can you blame me?

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  1. I'm getting all caught up and I KNOW I read this entry a while ago. How did I NOT comment? That's just not like me.

    Tiny turtles are darling. Wish I could have seen that too. They are my favorite animal.