Saturday, October 20, 2012


We have made it back home.  And I, Weiler, know that my snugglin' time will be diminished as soon as the new baby comes.  So, I have started getting out of my crib and cuddling with my mom every nap time and am.  And then I fall back to sleep.  And we sleep happily ever after. 

And my big brother Hayes is now taking piano lessons.  And this is what the big 4 year old looks like playing.  He's getting pretty good, too.

A desert nap.

Now we're getting real close.  Dad is supposed to be home any minute.  And kept getting delayed.  So, mom was having a little meltdown after yet another delay and this is what my awesome sister does.  She quickly delivers a card to our awesome Mom.  That did the trick.  Smile on her face, Mom that is.

And what is fall in the Kappel house without an awesome delivery from Uncle Walt and Aunt Earline? Boomer!

Hayes has become quite the soccer stud, too.  Here he is ready to rumble.

Ooops, I spoiled the surprise by adding a few pics of Dad.  Sorry, but now you know he got home safe and sound.  Here he is helping Reeder with CCD homeschool.

There are a few really nice things about this desert living.  Check out these sunsets.  Which never get old.  Amazing I tell you.

And Reeder being the awesome helper that she is.  She loves doing dishes.  And don't we all think that Mom could use the help?  Thanks, Reeder!

Getting very close to go time!  Mom, trying to embrace the inner calmness as well.

I promise that I tried to crop these pics.  Don't know what happened.  Oh, well, squint your eyes and watch as Hayes rocks the soccer field.

And me, talking to the older ladies.

And hamming it up for my Mom.  How cute am I?  Gheesh, just looking at these pics makes me smile.

The next few are pics taken by the incredible Missy Buss.  She took lots of pics of our fam over the last month.  Her son is with 3d LAR, too, so she was experiencing a happy homecoming at the same time as us.

Reeder, Trixter and Ms. Jessica.

This is one of my mom's favorite pics.  My sister is amazing on horseback.

And then she has to work a bit with the horses.  We're not just here to ride, folks.


  1. LOVE the shot of all the feet, ladies AND horses. Also LOVE the black little fingernails playing the piano (from making welcome home signs I assume). Sorry that delays happened. That must just be so frustrating! But glad he's home now. Hurrah hurrah hurrah!!!!!

  2. How wonderful! I love the pictures!