Sunday, December 25, 2011


Reed here.  In advance, sorry for the lack of photos of unwrapping and Christmas craziness.  But, in the spirit of the season, what is really important?

Dressing up as angels and shepherds of course!

Before Mass on the Eve of Christmas, we were had a blast at church.  Hayes was a little behind.  But, also, who gives my brother a copper weapon, I mean shepherd's staff?

The whole group.  Y was supposed to be Jesus but he's too stuck on my Mom.  So they used a doll in his place.

Don't we love each other?  It's the season!  Merry Christmas to all (and I got a the pink scooter I super duper wanted and Hayes got Stinky the Garbage Truck that he's wanted since he was, like 3.  And Y got a cool mixer truck). 

During our performance.  Notice Hayes made it front and center-I am standing right with the group, where I was told to go.

Knott's Berry Farm-and Big Mama's Birthday!

Hayes here.  I LOVE ROLLER COASTERS!  And I finally got my sis to enjoy em to.  She was rockin out by the end and I wasn't quite tall enough to go on the big ones.  But, I will accept that and be thoroughly entertained with what I can get.  And look how brave we are!

This was fantastic!

Our family will embarass me so much as I get older.  I am beginning to rethink this whole blogging thing.

Happy Birthday Big Mama!  Other than the terrible boysenberry pied, it was a wonderful day!


Disneyland folks!  Reeder here, of course.  Amazing day.  Of course, we had to get to the park by opening, which meant leaving our digs at 6 am.  We piled Megan, Lyla and Chloe in and off we went.  You know, Papa is on to something with his big Disney plans, I have to say.  We also apparently scored a rockin deal at ITT, so you are going to see TWO disney days on the post.  Plus one more to come at some point.

Chloe and I decided to dress up...

Dumbo is ALWAYS first!  Gotta run to the back of the park and work forwards, everyone else gets distracted by the beginning.  Not us!

Anyone watching my brother?  Hmmm...

Seriously, are we not adorable?

And it may shock some of you (if you have never met, talked to, or read a single post on this blog) that Hayes made his way on stage.  Without asking.  But they embraced him.
And then we all watched.

Yeah, no words needed.

Papa and Mrs Clause.  Watch out Big Mama!

And we stayed til the last parade.  Now that's commitment!

He doesn't get juice very often...

And he doesn't ever get cotton candy.

Another shot of me being me.

And thanks to Ms Megan on day 2 (which was actually about two weeks later) we got to wait in line for princesses, which makes Papa twitch.

Another parade.

No, not more cotton candy, just a pic from the first session.

How cute is my babiest brother?

The Irvins come to town

Did you know that our cousins came to town? Your Hayesyboy at your service. Oh, yeah, it was fun. Other than their crazy rental house having a sewage problem, the week worked out great.

We took 'em down to Palm Springs to check out our little zoo.  Reeder and Eden did some indoor stargazing.

And map reading.

And Y got on his first carousel.

And what would a visit to the desert be without a little hiking in the National park.  Please look closely at Leo here.  Please.

And me getting a time out while hiking.  So I got sent back to the car.  When Big Mama freeed me I really had to go....

And Reeder and Eden get along so well.  I guess it's that sisterly/cousinly bond they have or something.  Here they are dancing in an oasis. 

Weiler turns 1!

Weiler here.  And we used to have to upload pics in the backwards order and didn't figure ou things had changed on blogspot, so bear with me.

Needless to say, my birthday was fantastic.  Except for the cake part.  As you will notice we tried it a couple times and it took a while to for the taste to absorb.

This is after take 2 and a lot of prompting by my mom.

But, thanks to Big Mama, Reeder and my mom for the cake-it was a group effort.

Please notice the tear running down.  I really didn't want to do this.

Getting warmer, as mom rubs my back.

Yeah, this is pretty much how I felt.  You also have to realize that i'm the 3rd kid, so it's not everyday that I'm the center of attention.  A bit of a phobia for me.

This is more my speed.  Just me and my sibs, rollin' in my new coupe.

Try one.  Maybe it would have helped if mom would've at least cleaned my dinner off my plate first.  Cuz I LOVE blueberries.  Truly, my favorite food.  Papa says it's a bit costly though.

Getting ready for my party, my big bro hanging out.

And also as a third child, there isn't much that I do myself.  Thanks to Chloe and Reeder for helping...

Tada!  A new car from Grama Max and Grandpa Don!

The big ones helping with the presents...

I love it!

Back to my first party-Mr. John grilled a mean dinner-delish until the focus-on-me part.

So Happy Birthday to me!

Fall Life

We do a lot around here, in case you haven't noticed.  Reeder here to take you on exploration of San Jacinto.  We had to take a huge gondola to the top-which made Papa very nervous.  But, he was a trooper.  We made it to the top, hung out, got our agenda for yet another Ranger badge.  Pics out of order again, so sorry.

Here's after our hourlong hike with Mama and Hayes, checkpoints learning about meadows and how it's so different from the desert, which is so close.

Before we lost Papa, Big Mama and Y we played in the snow at the top.  A big chillier than our 29 digs.

Hayes lookin' for our house.

Snow!  It's not everyday us desert rats get to see the phenomenon.

Papa on the gondola, holding Y tight for security.

Turkey bowling!  I am proud to say that I won a turkey for our family!  I have no idea why Hayes isn't in this pic-he loved that weird bowling pin.

Hide and seek.  I don't know if it's such a good idea to teach Hayes this hiding place...

Maybe if we plant him he will grow?  And want to sleep in my bed?  And play with princess dolls?  And let me paint his nails? 

The swearing in, told you we were all out of order...

Another group shot at the top....

Oh, another sub came to KAHL.  That's Ms. Kandi, helping with Science class.  And as you can see we were WAY over ratio that day.

Off to more blogging...