Sunday, December 25, 2011

Weiler turns 1!

Weiler here.  And we used to have to upload pics in the backwards order and didn't figure ou things had changed on blogspot, so bear with me.

Needless to say, my birthday was fantastic.  Except for the cake part.  As you will notice we tried it a couple times and it took a while to for the taste to absorb.

This is after take 2 and a lot of prompting by my mom.

But, thanks to Big Mama, Reeder and my mom for the cake-it was a group effort.

Please notice the tear running down.  I really didn't want to do this.

Getting warmer, as mom rubs my back.

Yeah, this is pretty much how I felt.  You also have to realize that i'm the 3rd kid, so it's not everyday that I'm the center of attention.  A bit of a phobia for me.

This is more my speed.  Just me and my sibs, rollin' in my new coupe.

Try one.  Maybe it would have helped if mom would've at least cleaned my dinner off my plate first.  Cuz I LOVE blueberries.  Truly, my favorite food.  Papa says it's a bit costly though.

Getting ready for my party, my big bro hanging out.

And also as a third child, there isn't much that I do myself.  Thanks to Chloe and Reeder for helping...

Tada!  A new car from Grama Max and Grandpa Don!

The big ones helping with the presents...

I love it!

Back to my first party-Mr. John grilled a mean dinner-delish until the focus-on-me part.

So Happy Birthday to me!

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