Sunday, December 25, 2011

Fall Life

We do a lot around here, in case you haven't noticed.  Reeder here to take you on exploration of San Jacinto.  We had to take a huge gondola to the top-which made Papa very nervous.  But, he was a trooper.  We made it to the top, hung out, got our agenda for yet another Ranger badge.  Pics out of order again, so sorry.

Here's after our hourlong hike with Mama and Hayes, checkpoints learning about meadows and how it's so different from the desert, which is so close.

Before we lost Papa, Big Mama and Y we played in the snow at the top.  A big chillier than our 29 digs.

Hayes lookin' for our house.

Snow!  It's not everyday us desert rats get to see the phenomenon.

Papa on the gondola, holding Y tight for security.

Turkey bowling!  I am proud to say that I won a turkey for our family!  I have no idea why Hayes isn't in this pic-he loved that weird bowling pin.

Hide and seek.  I don't know if it's such a good idea to teach Hayes this hiding place...

Maybe if we plant him he will grow?  And want to sleep in my bed?  And play with princess dolls?  And let me paint his nails? 

The swearing in, told you we were all out of order...

Another group shot at the top....

Oh, another sub came to KAHL.  That's Ms. Kandi, helping with Science class.  And as you can see we were WAY over ratio that day.

Off to more blogging...

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