Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Irvins come to town

Did you know that our cousins came to town? Your Hayesyboy at your service. Oh, yeah, it was fun. Other than their crazy rental house having a sewage problem, the week worked out great.

We took 'em down to Palm Springs to check out our little zoo.  Reeder and Eden did some indoor stargazing.

And map reading.

And Y got on his first carousel.

And what would a visit to the desert be without a little hiking in the National park.  Please look closely at Leo here.  Please.

And me getting a time out while hiking.  So I got sent back to the car.  When Big Mama freeed me I really had to go....

And Reeder and Eden get along so well.  I guess it's that sisterly/cousinly bond they have or something.  Here they are dancing in an oasis. 

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