Sunday, December 25, 2011


Disneyland folks!  Reeder here, of course.  Amazing day.  Of course, we had to get to the park by opening, which meant leaving our digs at 6 am.  We piled Megan, Lyla and Chloe in and off we went.  You know, Papa is on to something with his big Disney plans, I have to say.  We also apparently scored a rockin deal at ITT, so you are going to see TWO disney days on the post.  Plus one more to come at some point.

Chloe and I decided to dress up...

Dumbo is ALWAYS first!  Gotta run to the back of the park and work forwards, everyone else gets distracted by the beginning.  Not us!

Anyone watching my brother?  Hmmm...

Seriously, are we not adorable?

And it may shock some of you (if you have never met, talked to, or read a single post on this blog) that Hayes made his way on stage.  Without asking.  But they embraced him.
And then we all watched.

Yeah, no words needed.

Papa and Mrs Clause.  Watch out Big Mama!

And we stayed til the last parade.  Now that's commitment!

He doesn't get juice very often...

And he doesn't ever get cotton candy.

Another shot of me being me.

And thanks to Ms Megan on day 2 (which was actually about two weeks later) we got to wait in line for princesses, which makes Papa twitch.

Another parade.

No, not more cotton candy, just a pic from the first session.

How cute is my babiest brother?


  1. I love the picture of Hayes on stage- Now there's a kid that knows his own mind!
    But the Santa picture needs it's own frame- and a place of honor! That picture is a classic!
    Grama Max

  2. Once again, Hayes is awesome, again.