Monday, May 30, 2011

Getting Ready

There is a lot to do when preparing for your Dad to retun after 7 months. Reeder here, since I like to plan, organize and execute.

We had to make the sign. You may remember us making it in Cincinnati. Since we didnt really know when he was coming home, we had to be prepared. Turns out our sign hung, and hung, blowing in the wind, waiting for its recipient to come home and read it. After 7 months, and 3 or 4 delays-the sign was finally read by our day.

But, the preparations.

And we just HAD to get our toes done! Papa, too! Notice my polish next to me. Red, white and blue. Yes, please on the sparkles!

And since the arrival date kept getting postponed...and postponed...we found other things to do besides sitting and waiting. We went to the Palm Springs Zoo. In case you haven't realized that we live in the smokin' hot desert yet, here's a clue. The zoo is only open form 7am to 1pm. Yeah, and we left around 1030 cuz it was too darn hot.

And since Dad was in Afghanistan, or somwhere between here and there, we thought we would see some of the same sites that he's used to. I don't think he was fortunate enough to ride a camel, though. We'll have to ask him.

Oh, but we found fun, we did. We took Papa to the bowling alley. Where he rallied in the tenth frame to take the trophy from mom. And Papa was very impressed with the prices. All four of us to play-$7. Grilled cheese? $1.55. Pretty sweet deal we've got on base.

And Hayes got really excited for everyone...

Especially as Papa was closing in on the leader...

And then my sweet baby brother, Weiler. The last night he will sleep before meeting his Daddy. Oh, Y, you have no idea how awesome this family really is...

Friday, May 27, 2011

The Tile House

This post is more for future enjoyment. All these pics were posted of facebook, so many of you saw them. But, what you may not know, is that Mom makes this blog into a yearbook every year for our reflection as we get older. So, no book of this year would be complete without a tile house montage. Now, Perry, the owner and artist, calls it the tile house, but we kind of though rainbow house fit well too. So, we used the words interchangeably.

Here's the story behind this adventure. Base housing wasn't ready for us. And wouldn't be for three weeks. Mom needed to find us a crib. There were only two options in the metropolis of 29 palms. A dilapidated house or this. Initially, we thought the lack of bedroom doors would prove a small problem. Nope. And other than that, the Kappels are ALWAYS up for an adventure.

The rainbow house was way more than an adventure. We watched as four little chicks came into this world, learned to fly, and leave. We saw rabbits, snakes, desert rats, insects of all sorts right on our property. We drank milk out of marini glasses. We played I spy from the dining room tables nights on end. We learned what rust and tetanus are (thankfully just out of warning and not experience). We got really good at using fly swatters. And we entertained each other for three weeks with no computer, no internet, no tv. And the best part? Our daddy-O came home during part of this awesome time. But thats for another post.

Without further ado, the tile, er, rainbow, house!

Monday, May 23, 2011

On the road again

Hayes, your travel guide, at the helm.

Well, dudes, we've experienced some weather. I sit typing from the desert that hit 110 yesterday, according to the coche. Where we finish our morning bike ride by 830 am because mom just starts melting before our eyes. But, that's not what this blog is about. Nor is it about the three weeks of rain we experienced in Cincinnati before this even began. But, it IS about...


Yeah, near Vail, we were hit again-remember last roadtrip?

And we just have to experience what we can at rest stops along the way.

We took Papa to his first, second and third national parks. Although that's not completely true, you get a hint of the outdoorsman our Papa Jerry really is. You know, he's super lucky, though, he got to hunt squirrels with his old man when he was a kid. I think I'd be good at that....

Anyway, there I go rambling again.

We went to Zion National Park for a few nights. It was glorious. Amazing. Yes, I said these things. Ooooh, the red mountains!

Weiler didn't care so much as long as he was in his typically favorite spot.

I do slow down sometimes and reflect on the larger things in life.

And Reeder likes to live on the edge...

It's amazing how reflective a national park can be. I promise to listen to my mother better, and not pull Reeder's hair when I'm bored in the car, and use my words, and sleep in til 8. That all sound about right Mom?

And Reeder, is well, quite the intellect. Here she's studying for her ranger badge. Notice I'm in the background under Papa's close supervision. Wait, if he's not holding Y, where's the baby? Oh, no. Oh, wait, we actually put him in the stroller that day, nevermind.


I kinda think the cloud below looks like some lips. Often times I'm out of kisses. Luckily, this morning I had one left to give Mom. But I told her that she'll have to wait til I get filled up again.

And then just a hop, skip and a jump away is the most amazing National Park these kids had never been to...Bryce Canyon! (which isnt really a canyon but those are minor details)

After failing to take a self portrait some nice hikers offered to help us out. Y waited at the top with Papa. He (Papa) (well, member Weiler too) was stuck at the top, about 20 feet from the rim, frozen with his debilitating fear of heights.

This place was gorgeous. And so fun!

Look how cute we are. We get along so well.

Gotta get going to the desert. Oh, and on Reeder's dress? Her ranger badge from Zion. She's amazing.