Friday, May 27, 2011

The Tile House

This post is more for future enjoyment. All these pics were posted of facebook, so many of you saw them. But, what you may not know, is that Mom makes this blog into a yearbook every year for our reflection as we get older. So, no book of this year would be complete without a tile house montage. Now, Perry, the owner and artist, calls it the tile house, but we kind of though rainbow house fit well too. So, we used the words interchangeably.

Here's the story behind this adventure. Base housing wasn't ready for us. And wouldn't be for three weeks. Mom needed to find us a crib. There were only two options in the metropolis of 29 palms. A dilapidated house or this. Initially, we thought the lack of bedroom doors would prove a small problem. Nope. And other than that, the Kappels are ALWAYS up for an adventure.

The rainbow house was way more than an adventure. We watched as four little chicks came into this world, learned to fly, and leave. We saw rabbits, snakes, desert rats, insects of all sorts right on our property. We drank milk out of marini glasses. We played I spy from the dining room tables nights on end. We learned what rust and tetanus are (thankfully just out of warning and not experience). We got really good at using fly swatters. And we entertained each other for three weeks with no computer, no internet, no tv. And the best part? Our daddy-O came home during part of this awesome time. But thats for another post.

Without further ado, the tile, er, rainbow, house!

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