Monday, May 16, 2011


Reeder on the keypad. Gotta give my bro a break. He's on deck for the Boulder blog so I thought I'd take this one over. And there's a little part of this blog that is a big deal for me.

Hayes waiting patiently for dinner at Big Mama's.

Weiler loves being held. Constantly. Only today has he really started caring if it's Mom or not, so before that, anyone that loves a baby, we've got a baby for you. Here, Sister Janet is getting in on the action. This has also resulted in Weiler being the most held baby EVER. He's pretty darn lucky, and I dare you to challenge us on the most held thing.

More Chuck E. Cheese photos. Me, showing my basketball skills.

And Papa, showing his amazing babysitting skills.

Hayes, showing his air hockey skills.

This was before Hayes found his true love of roller coasters. A simulator. This is where the obsession is born.

More drooling from our Dad here. Even if you've seen this pic before, we had to throw it in for the old man.

OK, here it is. This part means a lot to me. I probably should've made this its own post, but, well, I didnt.

I love Grandma Hoobler. Now, I've never met the lady. My Mom last saw her when I was in utero. But, we talk about her all the time. She loved pink. Even had a pink squishy toilet seat. Mom says I would've really liked it. She was REALLY strict. I would like that, too, cuz, well, I like rules. She liked weeping willow trees. Who doesn't? She was a clean freak. Have I mentioned how frustrated I get with my moms' inability to keep her shoes organized? So, well, I guess I have a little bit of Grandma Hoobler alive in me. And I think that's cool. So, when I started ballet, Mom pointed out that we drive past her cemetery every week. Twice. We gotta go, then, Mom. And after some discussion, which Mom kind of floundered (she thought she was talking to a regular five year old, and I am NOT regular), we agreed on a day. Oh, and invited Big Mama, since she is, afterall, Grandma Hoobler's daughter. And I also wanted to pick out flowers. Easter lillies seem right up her alley, I thought. First we have to find the gravestone.

This was teh biggest decision of the day. Where to put the lillies. On Grandma's headstone? In between her and Grandpa? Near this Bertha chick buried nearby? Well, I decided Grandma would want them smack dab on the top. Cuz that's where I thought they were prettiest, and most level. Which I think Grandma would've been in agreeance with, don't you?

And then Weiler wanted to show you where his name came from... Nothing disgraceful about this day, we promise. We love our lineage and that we all have cool names from cool people in our cool family.

That's a wrap. Til next time Grandma Hoobler. Who I also here makes the best sausage/cheese/bisquick balls.

Oh, Weiler got plum tuckered. We had to visit a few more peeps of Big Mama. Notice me in the background strolling around like a good, well behaved, mature 5 year old girl.

EASTER!!!!!!!! Check out where that Bunny hid my basket!

And Wyatt and Shannon came to visit this same weekend. What a rockin' time we had. The Easter bunny came for him, too.

And Hayesboy was pretty excited about the chocolate. chochit is what he says.

And no Easter is complete with just one party. So we went to Grama Max and Grandpa Don's and had an easter egg hung. And an easter egg hunt. and and easter egg hunt. And one more.

And my baby brother watched.

Proving that we had the hunt...

And no spring in Cincinnati would be complete without a trip to Krohn's butterfly exhibit. Grama Max has all the good pics so you'll have to check her blog for those details.

Grama got a new fancy camera and loves to use it. So we let her take the good ones...

I had my first school homework assignment. That giraffe is George. I had to take him home for a week and take pics of everywhere I took him. I took over 200 photos of the cool dude. I'll spare you the commentary, but you get the idea from the next sequence of photos.

And we still spend a lot of time with our Manny. The rain finally subsided in Cincy and we got out the sidewalk chalk. Papa is always such a good sport.

And a self photo for the fans.

WE ARE GETTING READY FOR DAD'S HOMECOMING!!!! Gotta get the sign ready. This was super exciting. We don't want to show the finished product cuz we don't want to ruin it for Daddy.

OMG!!!! We have started feeding Y. He's six months old, ya know! This is his very first bite of rice cereal!!!

And I feed him, too.

Heading to Boulder...


  1. Love the blog pics and videos. Enjoy the time in Boulder. The kids look like they're having a great time!

  2. see the post about the homecoming!!!! OH BOY! And I think it's really neat that Reeder wanted to visit the cemetary. PERFECT that she was there in her ballet outfit. :D