Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bye Bye Boulder

We spent quite some time in Boulder. And while we were there, we decided that maybe we should give the Irvins a little somethin somethin for housing all of us. So, we went to get them a chiminea. (Reeder, here, btw). Well, that is very hard to find in Boulder. Why? Oh, cuz you can't have fires in your backyard in Boulder! What? I know. Pretty crazy. So, we got Bizzy and Uncle Stephen a new faucet. And, pregnant Aunt Bizzy was so excited she decided to get started at about 530 one evening. Do you think that this turned out well? You're right. But, the new faucet was finally installed later and looked great.

And since the whole point of the chiminea was so that we could have smores, we had to go to a plan b. Smore pie.

And the little brothers had fun with Lefty. I don't know if they think that with enough letters on top of her, we could mail Lefty somewhere, but it seemed to be worth a try.

Lefty didn't seem to much care for the whole game, but some attention is better than none at all.

Uncle Stephen even came down and entertained us for a bit as a long haul truck driver. I think the horn cord is on the other side, Uncle Stephen!

And we went to the pool, of course, and left those out of the pool who are not the best of swimmers.

A nice hot dog picnic after a long morning of swimming. Isn't Boulder just gorgeous?

Gotta get heading to the desert folks.

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