Monday, May 16, 2011

Where have you been?

Well, well, well. I know, I know, I know. Hayesy here folks. We are so very sorry for the delay. But, we promise to make it up to you. We already have three (including this one) posts in the queue ready just for a little typing. I'm here now, in Boulder, visiting some cousins and fam on our terrific trip West. It's so darn crazy around here. Always on the go. Always have stuff going on. But I decided that enough was enough and I HAD to give our loyal fans some love. If there are any of you left.

Problem, however. Mom and Big Mama have the same camera. Somewhere in the pack up and leave part of the trip they got switched. Oh, well. We still downloaded all the pics from her camera, and we'll use those as a kind of transition into today. And, by the time tonight is said done, folks, you'll have pics of happenings from TODAY. Without further ado....

Pics from the dentist. Aren't my glasses cool?

I was a super awesome kid. Listened well, did what I was told, was well behaved. All of which are completely normal daily descriptions of your one true Hayes.

We found this one in the depths of the other camera, too. How cute is our Papa? And what's more amazing? This pic could've been taken yesterday, or probably tomorrow. He is ALWAYS holding the babe.

Here are a few more from our trip way back when we went to Disney. This was the infamous water ride that I love SO much. I love roller coasters, going fast, pretty much just living in the fast lane.

Serious Hayes. Doesn't happen very often, some trick photography. Oh, Happy Birthday Aunt Shannon.

Reeder getting on her go cart. She has a new hair cut now. Looks pretty different, but that's my sister with long hair. She's pretty cute, don't you think?

Who knows where we are going or what we are doing, but sometimes you just gotta wear shades.

Oh, Mom. While Mom, Holly and Big Mama were waiting for Reeder's recital to start then went and got mojitos. Weiler HAS started solids, but this is a bit of a stretch. Guess he like the cold, sweating glass.

OK. This is serious. Major serious. I drove (well, I was the passenger but you get the point) past Kings Island a couple weeks ago on our way to Lebanon. That became the obsession of the year. Roller Coasters. Sign me up. I'm ready. All I could talk about were those gorgeous, spiraling, thrilling, spinning cars for at least a week. Constantly. Mom finally caves. Decides we'll go on Mother's day. Isn't she amazing? Well, I start watching youtube videos on the Beastie. Amazing. I'm so excited. I know I'm close to the height limit. Mom takes extra precautions. She's no rookie. She stuffs her socks under my heels in my shoes. I straighten up just a bit. I MAKE IT ON THE RIDE!!! My dreams are about to come true....

Wait. What's that? The guy wants me to go get measured? You mean get off my dream and double check? Puff that chest big boy, straighten that spine. Feel mom's asic socks uncomfortable in my shoes. And the arm of the magic measurer swings. And swings. It went over my head. I burst into tears. The guy says No. The other people on the Beastie start chanting "let him ride, let him ride" (no lie). Mom tears up, gives me a hug, and we have to walk away.

To the lame roller coasters for babies...(but it was fun).

Folks, it was a great day. And when I woke up the next morning I asked Mom if I was tall enough for the Beastie. She promises me that next time we're in Cincinnati we'll go and I'll be big enough. Til then, my friends, til then.

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