Saturday, April 2, 2011

I'm 3!

OK, here we go. Are you seated? Are you ready to hear about a three year old birthday bash that lasted a week? I hope so! First, how cool is it to have a birthday during the school year? (Hayes here, btw). Mom said hers was during the summer so mine is special. Boy is it! Cupcakes all around! Gotta make 'em for all my friends. But, without too much detail, March is a crazy time for Big Mama. To give her a shout out... Big Mama started Visions 21 years ago-day care center for teen moms in downtown Cincy, with a lot of focus on the moms. You get it? It's super awesome. And March is when they have Raising of the Green! Which is great for Visions and Big Mama, but not so great if you are her grandkid and want to see her a lot. Cuz you don't. So, we squeezed in a couple hours where we could go TO Visions, steal the kitchen from Ms. Dolly (who rocks), and make some cupcakes. Cuz, you see, she goes to work before I can get to her house and comes home WAY after I'm asleep-getting ready for ROG, you see. So, Mom got the supplies and we headed to Visions... Oh, and to let you know, we have to follow code and wear the special hats in Ms. Dolly's kitchen. Super fun cupcake making time! I'm very serious, I don't want my friends at school to be disappointed in the slightest. Big Mama, helping the cause.

Sometimes you just know when the camera loves you.

And folks, I'll melt your heart out.

We even had some of the other teachers check in when on break. And in the background? Ms. Georgetta! She is super incredibly awesome. And March is super stressful for her too, Big Mama's right hand lady. She's probably happy we got Big Mama out of her hair for a couple hours.

PARTY TIME! Monster truck style! This is my bff, James, wackin' at Grave Digger! Go, James, GO!

Yeah, it was pretty super awesome.

This pic is more for my Dad. Dad, you see? All the nuns showed up for my party! You ever have nuns at your party? Didnt think so old man! Ha!

Mom obviously hasn't been downloading pics enough and has these all out of order. I'll get on her for that later. In the meantime, this is the finished product for school cupcakes.

Gotta try one.....or two....right?

After the party there's the after party! That's our favorite babysitter (outside of family, of course). Ok, she's our only babysitter. But, she's so wonderful that she, and brother, and mother, and father, came to my party! And what a better way for my Mom to mingle than invite someone whos gonna play with all of us after the party-for free!

Is this cake amazing or what? Grama Max and Grampa Don couldn't make the shenanigans, but managed to get this incredible cake to me anyway! Thanks!

Yeah, seriously awesome.

THE LOOT! Well, we had to have some big kids knock the sucker loose, but it still all came spilling out, no matter who smashed it!

Doop giving it a whirl. And the onlookers...

That's it folks. Sorry for the jumbled photos, my Mom better get that figured out for next time. Hope you enjoyed Crazy Hayesy's Birthday extravaganza. I know I did! Already asking about next year. How long til I turn 4?


  1. I love the pictures- especially the ones with Hayes in the hat- he is too, too, too cute.
    And the party looks like so much fun- wish we could have made it.

  2. I love looking at Hayes birthday pictures. Great cake! Looks like he had a blast and I love the expression on his face! Ok so Sarah and Adam are waiting for you to become a follower of the 365 day blog what is taking the three kid pile up so long?

  3. Great pics of the kids! I love Hayes in the cooking hat and great cake!

  4. Happy 3rd Birthday Hayes!!!!!!! I love the picture where he is looking at the red frosting, his face tells us all about his personality. I didn't realize how close in age Say and Hay are! Big kisses to my favorite Kappels :) Counting down till its officially -Kappel, Table For Five.