Saturday, April 2, 2011

Whew, the last month!

Hey friends! Reeder here! Sorry it's been so long, but you'll have to blame our mom for that one. I mean all we do is ask her, kindly, to take some pics of us throughout our lives and upload them on the computer. You'd think that was too much for her lately. I guess she has a couple, or three, things going on in her life that makes that a bit of a struggle. Don't worry, we still love her. Alright, we went to our cousin, Julia's birthday bash. bowling! Here we go... Hayes, always the ham. And me, looking dashing as usual. Or you can call me glorious. I had to explain to my mom what that meant today. I asked her, "Mom, is your book glorious?" She looked at me weird. "Mom, do you know what glorious means?" "No." "It means beautiful, like a princess' dress." Now you all know, too.

This is funny. We were at Big Mama's school (you'll read more about the headware in the next installment of the blog) and, well, what do you see in her office? Anything?

Y slept under her desk! Super funny, if you ask me. Dad, George Castanza reference here for you. Mom asked me to type that.

Ballet class. This is VERY serious ballet class. I'm supposed to wear a bun every day to stay in uniform but, you guessed it, Mom forgot the supplies. And she's normally not allowed to watch, but this was a special day. That's Ms. Dena, my awesome teacher, who is somehow vaguely related to us or something.

The whole class. Told you it was serious, uniforms for practice. What is this, ASU?

And then we HAD to go and help Big Mama get her flowers ready for spring. Child labor? We're in!

So much fun. And clearly nearing St. Patricks day...

And our weekly trip to Findlay Market. Gotta love the music on the streets, folks.

This guy was jammin' out!

One more...

And then we went to the circus. It was AHH..MAHHH...ZING. I had the camera, and unfortunately it ran out of juice. But, you get the idea. We loved it!

And for some reason our pics are out of order, that's ok. Here's Hayes and me playing some tennis. Note that in the background you'll see our nanny holding our little brother. That's status quo around here. Where's Mom? Who knows?

My beautiful pansies upon completion.

Oh, I don't want you to forget about Y. Good ole Y. With his Papa. That's his nook.

Gonna hand the computer to Hayes for an update on his birthday festivities. After I play for a fer more minutes....


  1. Well of course love the picture of Hayes with the bowling ball- what a ham! And I so wish I could have seen Reeder at her ballet class- she will be so good at the recital.

  2. Thanks for the pics. Reeder is so cute jamming out to the tunes!