Friday, March 4, 2011

And Casselberry Rocks, Too

A little tired the morning after Disney, we took it easy on our next stop on our tour (Reeder still typing). Wyatt's house. You know, Aunt Shannon and Wyatt (Larry, too, of course). Well, I HAD to draw a picture of my dad, mustache and all...

And then I took Mom's camera for the rest of the trip. I'll give it back to her tomorrow. Enjoy life through my eyes...

That's when Daddy meets Weiler. He's holding the lil guy, see?

And that's Wyatt. I'm up in his awesome fort. We both took our cameras around the whole place.

That's a ribbon for my Daddy. They love him, too, you know.

And that is they're fantastic backyard. Where Mom and Aunt Shannon stayed up way too late with all their friends while I was sleeping like a perfect angel inside.

And these are all my old friends (and their siblings). I was born in Florida, you see, and Mom was in an AWESOME Moms' group with these guys' mothers. We saw each other all the time. Another friend was at the park, too, but she had to go before we thought to take the pic. I love my Florida friends, and so does my Mom.

See ya'll in Cincinnati!


  1. I love the pics! And so glad you got to see all of your Florida friends!
    Grama Max

  2. Love the blog and it was great to see you even if it was for just a short time. Disney loook like a blast and thanks for the tip about the character breakfast!