Friday, March 4, 2011

Amelia Island Rocks!

Hayes here, to lead you as we stroll down the beach, arm in arm, having a wonderful time. Ahh, are you here? Are you with me as the sun sets on the Atlantic, the quiet commences, and I run wild, screaming louder, just to shake you back to reality? Come on! There's three of us, remember? There's no quiet, no birds chirping, no relaxing-it's go time!

After swimming like maniacs for the third day in a row we remember that it's shuttle launch time! Wahoo! And although we may be quite far from Cape Canaveral, we, along with all those you see below, got ready to watch. Oh, btw, Aunt Shannon and Wyatt have now joined the party.

Check out all the beachcombers...

See it? No? You really can't in this photo but it was there, I promise. And you could see it pretty well, too.

AIP also has a great nature center. And they've had Hokey Pokey around for my last few trips. He's one of the things I look forward to when heading down 95.

And Weiler rested...

This pic was taken yesterday during our fabulous beach time. Mom thought to get a cute pic of my baby brother. She was holding him with one hand in the air while trying to get a good shot with the other. This is why we need two parents...

Mom and I went on a great little hike yesterday afternoon. Papa, Y and Reed came too, but they decided to stay back at the playground while we went to investigate the marsh. And the spanish moss. Mom was diggin it.

I'd rather one of my siblings go next time, then I won't have to be her muse so often.

What is this Mom? You even take pictures when I'm not looking? Geez, you can't take that woman with you anywhere. Nor can you ever leave a Monster Truck behind. That's Blue Thunder. I generally always have at least one with me wherever I go.

I thought by having a sit in on trail that she'd leave me alone. Nope, she just thought it was cute. I was looking out onto the marsh, comtemplating life. Pretty amazing view, don't you think?

Farewell from Amelia, amigos. Say by to Y and Papa, too, we're headin' North tomorrow. And today we're just slowly packing up. It's been real.


  1. You got to see the shuttle launch? That's really neat! I still have that one hanging around on my bucket list. :)

  2. Well you do keep busy. The marsh looks really pretty and I loved the pic of Hayes with the armadillo!
    Grama Max

  3. I had a little tear in my eye reading about Fantasy Land... And, yes, that was what I wore everyday for 5 months!