Wednesday, May 18, 2011

VELODROME!!! And Boulder, too.

Good morning Boulder!!! Weiler here. Hayes is out getting doughnuts with Papa, Reeder is watching Tiana, so that leaves me to write to all of you. I know that my sibs promised to do this one yesterday, but it just got too late and everyone fell asleep. And since I am generally the first one to rise, I've already had two dirty diapers and am ready to face the world.

Uncle Stephen has nicknamed me Smeiler Weiler. That's pretty much all I do, other than being held.

And this was Smeiler's (my) first time in a swing! Hallelujah! I think I'm gonna like those roller coasters Hayes speaks so fondly of some day, too.

We went to the zoo. It was nuts. Every school in Denver was on a fieldtrip that day. Personally, I think these children should either 1. be at school learning something or 2. have something productive to focus on while at the zoo. Merely running around, bumping into infants, screaming, being crazy is not in the Weiler School of Higher Learning. Get a worksheet, kids. Read the signs. Learn something. Like I learned that you can tell a sea lion from a seal by external ears. Do any of those rugrat roustabouts know that? I think not.

Sometimes is so super cool being the little brother, and youngest cousing (for a few more months). I get to watch some of the coolest things kids are doing these days. My bro and Leo SHREDDED!!!!! This was so super amazing.

Leo invited Hayes to his bike class! Let's rock it with Coach Albert!!

At the starting line...

(Hayes far left, Leo next to him in the gray helmet with yellow caution tape.)

And then they head to the indoor course. It was rockin'! And raining outside so it's always good to give those boys something to do to burn some energy. There's Hayes on his bike, even though Coach asked them all to leave their bikes and help clean up the cones they were kicking while riding. Leo is following directions walking on the blue ramp.

Getting ready to drop in!! Hard core!

Leo was a bit faster but had all the track etiquette that is necessary.

Leo, surveying his next run.

THE GREEN LANTERN!!!! That's the name of this drop in. And Leo dropped into the gnar. Man, he is my inspiration!

Leo, taking another look for his next victim. That man was insane, yo.

Check out my cous!

That's a wrap. Oh, I gotta put up some videos of those madmen. I'll do that right now. And then we head back to the Velodrome for open bike today. Rock on, brothers!

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  1. Holy Canoli, that SMILE!!! Straight through the heart! What a cutie. And that bike place looks AWESOME! Can grown ups go???