Monday, November 22, 2010

Hospital with Weiler

Another post from yours truly, Weiler. I figure I can hand the computer over to the other knuckleheads another day. We decided, for simplicity purposes, that instead of using all the cool colors they used over at pooseandhawk, we'll just have one kid per post. Hopefully we'll remember to clarify at the beginning.

Anyway, a lot happened before I came. Mom ended up being in the hospital for six gloriously quiet days from start to finish, with one night back at home. And although she and I had differing opinions on my exit route, we both were cheerful throughout. I moved a ton, always awake for monitors and stuff, content in my home for the prior 42 weeks. Mom kept her humor, most of the time, like thinking it was funny that the stick figure on her bed was also pregnant...

And then I arrived, and the masses came! Mom told everyone that she'd love visitors (no one asked me, but I did win on the exit strategy), so visitors did come! In lieu of my dad, my mom and I have like, 20 family members, 50 friends, and plenty of fb comments to keep us cheerful pretty much from sun up to sun down.

And so Holly got my first dirty diaper, and second, and third. Only because it took that rookie that much to change me once. Don't worry, she's gotten WAY better.

And my straight jacket... I prefer to be snuggled very tightly, this helps at night...

Speaking of night. Mom and I finally let Big Mama go home and get some rest. OK, that was a bold faced lie. She went "home" to our house to help Papa Jerry with my sis and bro. So Aunt Erin came and slept with Mom and me at the hospital! Pretty awesome, this support system we have working.

My family is LARGE-Julia and Cooper. I hope I'm half as cool as Coop when I'm 13.

Seriously! This cousin is super awesome!

And everyone likes to hold me. Which is just fine with this baby! That is my preferred method of transportation.

And Aunt NikNik. Gotta love all these people! I'm already good at remembering names and faces. And some people think 2 week olds cant see more than a few feet... Maybe other babies!

And my going home outfit. Thanks Reeder and Grama Max! Reeder has been talking about my outfit for weeks! I think she did a great job making look like a dapper old man!

And that's my Hayesyboy. Ahhh, my big brother. The one to teach me the ropes, show me how to live, be a role model for his younger brother....

Adios friends, I've maxed out my 20 minutes of awake time. Gotta nurse, then sleep for a few more hours....

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