Thursday, July 12, 2012

More Florida

Mom loves all my faces.  Not just the cute photogenic ones that make me look cute.  She likes the ones that make me look, well, like Weiler.  And folks, that's who I am.  So take it or leave it but these are my Weiler faces.

Back when my big sis was a wee kid, she went and saw this dude regularly.  Mr. Richard.  So, Mom thought it was only appropriate to take me and the big bro and check it out.  Man, can he jam!
There he is in the background.  Soooo 2006.
While we were jammin' indoors, ac on full blast, listening to Mr. Richard.  Reeder was SWEATING.  That girl rocks.  She blasted in the Florida heat every morning for three hours.  I've never seen her more red and sweaty than when we picked her up those days.
Here she is.  My mom probably would've trashed talked to that boy picking it out of the back of his own net.  Not Reeder, she turns, cheers with her teammates.  Nice goal, and class, Reeder.
And then we headed back North to hang with the cousins and grandparents.  Papa's room became the place to be.
Unfortunately the Irvins had to leave but we were just warming up!
Beach time baby!
How great is this napping spot I found?  Mmmmhmmmm.
Next few pics look through as a series.  Start below.  Can you find my sis and bro?  Ok, then scroll...

They became wave crashing rockstars.

And you can't spend your whole vacay at the beach (ok, I probably could've).  So, we headed for a day in St. Augustine.  And the cool fort there.
Watch tower.  Reeder and I are standing post.
Check out the drawbridge.  We're watching the bridge move up, the boats move through.

And what is a Kappel family vacation without a few ranger badges for my junior ranger siblings?  Good job guys!
The grandparents outside the fort with the grand(and I mean grand)kids.
Since we didn't have our Dad for father's day we celebrated with our Grandfather.  Took him to a nice dinner at a fancy place where we only did minimal damage.  I don't know if Papa will ever be allowed back but what else says father's day like memories?
Ahhh, my big sis and her bestie cousin Eden.
Peace out folks, I'm heading back to Cincinnati!

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  1. LOVE the faces! And the beach....ahhhhh!!!!