Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rockin round the Nasty

Your author tonight, Weiler.

I'm exhausted just thinking about the pressure of a blog entry...

There's my main man, my big bro, at a monster truck show. Yeah, i was there, too, but it was all for Big Time. He LOVED it. He loves monster trucks more than, well, Reeder loves Barbies or I love...hmmm...I really just kinda love my mom so I don't have a good analogy for that one.

Told ya she loved Barbie. And piano. The girl is getting pretty darn good, too. I love it best to sit on Mom's lap and listen to the girl bang out a tune. I'm her number 1 fan. She likes me being her number 1, too. She always gives me a kiss when she finishes playing a tune.

Ahhh, ole gray beard. This pic is mostly for our Daddy-o. See Dad, we give her attention. No, Poncho has never liked wearing people clothes but it still makes us laugh. Or so I've been told. And no, it wasn't her birthday, that was back in December. We forgot to celebrate. Happy belated gray beard! Oh, and Lefty LOVES the camera. Can't get the girls away. Those are her whiskers bottom right.

I'm just so full. Two months old, clean plate club. Wow. Ya'll never told me eating was so tiring.

Ha! Gotcha! I was kidding! You think I eat people food? No, Grampa cleaned his plate. I was just so bored I figured I'd get some shut eye. No, only kidding. I was pretty comfy, especially after spitting up on Grampa's shoulder (look closely), then I got real comfortable and took a good snooze.

We got a bit concerned that Mom was spending too much money on recreational activities (she joined a gym, which is not possible in 29, and a tennis club, another impossibility in 29) so we sought out a local bank manager for some help.
That's Aunt Erin, and she told us that our outlook is bleak. Guess we better aim for a scholarship.

And those gabbin' hens took me out on girls' night. Raise your hand if you think I wanted to go? Please. Now, that was so boring I faked sleep until Mom finally took me home. Pretty good at pretending, don't you think?

And here I am, blogging for you all. I hope you enjoyed. Gosh, it's tiring. (Are you catching a pattern in my life?)

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  1. I was just glad those spots on Grandpa's shirt were from the baby being messy and not from Grandpa being messy! ;) Cute, sleepy lil chubbers ya got there!