Tuesday, December 28, 2010

After the party there's an afterparty

Reed here.

You didnt think we were going to end on Christmas and leave you hanging, wondering what we did the REST of the year, did you? Of course not!

We went to St. Augustine, the oldest city in the country. And it was wonderful!

Oh, wait, this first pic is in Fernandina. That's alright, you probably didnt know the diff.

Anyway, fantastic Fernandina. And if you were lucky enough to be our Friend Holly, or our Dad, you got some of Fernandinas Fantastic Fudge!

On to St. Augustine and a chocolate tour! What was that? Simmons chocolate tour? Watch out Whetstone, you're about to go OUT of business!

Check out those big smiles. Let us enter, if you dare!

Oh, it was so good, we got to try chocolate right as it was getting pressed into delicious minty seashells!

Even my newest little brother gives hands up for the dark chocolate! Touchdown!!

And then to tour the awesome fort in St. Augustine. It was really cool. And super cooper to lead the way...

STOP!!! LOOK!!! Family picture (with all that are stateside)!

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