Saturday, December 4, 2010

Before the party there's the preparty

Reeder here folks. I'm gonna walk you through the next couple days of our lives. First off, help arrives. In the form of our fantastic Aunt Bizzy and our awesome cousins Eden and Leo. All are ready to help raise our newest addition and most importantly, give our Mom some much needed help-in the form of sleep mostly.

With the help comes extreme craziness, of course. There will be no quiet time from now til New Years Eve, friends, so get ready.

First off, lets make some cookies!

And there are so many wonderful things to do in the Nasty. Like the art museum. See, they have an entire exhibit just for wedding dresses. And Eden and I LOVE weddings (what girls doesnt?). So, we went to the museum and lucked into many other fun activities while we were there on a super cold, snowy day. It was fantastic.

Oooh, this was a highlight for Hayeser. It was Coops string concert-he did a great job. And Hayes got to sit with him and all the other super cool seventh graders. He was a hit. And you know what else was awesome? They played the nutcracker! Eden and I LOVE the nutcracker too. Grandma Max and Grampa Don took us to see the incredible ballet and we have fallen in love!

And when in such a cold city you need to come up with new creative ideas of ways to stay warm in these frigid winter months. Thus, we went to Krohn Conservatory. And it was WONDERFUL! Ahhh, and so warm:)

And Leo is OBSESSED with trains. So anywere there are trains, we are happy. Thanks Krohn!

There is nothing better than a few homemade gifts for Christmastime. Eden and I concocting something for Big Mama...

And Weiler, making it for someone who will probably read this blog before receiving their present, but please act surprised nonetheless:)

Our finished project. Pretty amazing-dont you think?

Remember Leo's train obsession? Let's go to entertRainment. Get it? They are sooo clever.

And we had some friends come with us, including our cousin Kate.

Eden enrolled in my very prestigious school for the month that she was here. Alas, that includes our little Christmas show and day in with the parents. Here we are, enjoying our day, in our fantastic Christmas dresses.

And now we have to pack and head to Florida...

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