Saturday, December 18, 2010


Weiler here to take you through my first big vacay. You see, I am just too little to take a big road trip. A man's gotta eat, ya know. And this man eats approximately every 25 minutes. That would make for a lot of stops. So, mom and I got to fly! And Big Mama joined us for the trip South. It was fantastic. Check out my rockin' seat!

Shortly after our arrival we were fortunate enough to celebrate Big Mama's birthday! It was fantastic! Cupcakes galore!

And my first trip to the beach was glorious! Check it out! There is no better place than at the beach with your cousins when the rest of the country is frigid!

Surprise! Mr. Larry got fogged in at Amelia Island Airport. He was heading back from Tennessee and got stuck. Lucky for us! He came and hung out with us for the night, and let us climb all over his cool plane in the am before take off. Thanks Mr. Larry!

Reeder kept her distance and surveyed the situation.

Eden and Hayes climbed right on up and acted like they've been there before. Nice job! No fear for those two!

Even Aunt Bizzy got in on the action. Notice that Leo and I (and Reeder mostly) didnt go near the thing. It is just soooo scary, don't you think?

Back to safer ground...
Can you believe how big my sister is getting. Nope, not 13, but she will be 5 in a few short weeks!

Grandma Hoobler would be proud. Posing for holy pictures, that's what she would say.

Yes, it really was this warm. Helps that the pool was heated. I decided not to go, but rather get major snuggle time from Big Mama and some random lady we met at the pool that couldn't get over how cute I am-happens all the time, might as well get used to me blogging about people oggling.

Seriously, aren't I adorable?

Oh, my big brother. This is my role model. Are you as scared as my parents? This is what I look up to on a daily basis. Hayesyboy. Oh, hayesyboy. Teach me the ways big bro...

Luckily I have yin to my yang in my upbringing. Sweet Reeder. Don't let her smile fool you, she rules this house.

We made a last minute surprise trip to Casselberry. Wasn't supposed to happen that way but did in the end. And when leaving, we drove by the old hood, where my big sis was born. And HAD to stop and see the world's best next door neighbors EVER-the Cooties! Ooooh, how we LOVED the time we spent with them. See ya, and all you other crazy Orlandans this Spring!

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