Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lummi Island

When it was all said and done, Lummi Island was not quite all it was cracked up to be. Clint and I decided that we're more national park people. And Lummi Island didnt seem all that warm to the idea of tourists. No big deal, you can't bring us down with your unwelcoming sourpuss attitudes! Nope, we're gonna find fun on this island!

And fun was found, for sure! While Y and I waited for the ferry, the other three ran down and played on the shore.

Everywhere we turned there were amazing views throughout Washington.

Reeder wanted some quiet time with her father. This was after Hayes hit her on the head with a big stick. He was off to the far right in time out. Such is life.

And on the fourth of July we went into Bellingham to hang with Einar and Soren. After assuring and reassuring Reeder that we would be home and in the confines of our vrbo well before those horrible fireworks started.

Hayes went off riding like a maniac. Reed hung back with us. Gotta love our family dynamics!

Before we said good bye, a nice game of tag was played with the dads. Sometimes it feels oh so good to think we are an All American Fam.

Next stop. CANADA! The other four had never been so, passports in hand, we headed North. It was incredible. We went to Vancouver and the Capilano suspension bridge. Holly, you are forewarned, skip the next few photos. I even got a bit uncomfortable on some of these heights.

And when isnt it funny to stick your head in a totem pole?

The suspension bridge. That's me down there with Reeder and Hayes.

The view......

To show you how long it was...

Y had a great time:)

And Hayes was, shockingly, one of the few who didnt feel the railings were necessary.

They also had bridges throughout the forests for a little skyhike. Pretty amazing. Oh, and we're working on a ranger badge here, too.

This was the real scary part. The cliffwalk. I can't even imagine being one of the people constructing this. We were literally walking on a cliff, hanging out from the mountain. It was pretty spectacular.

Our kids can just be so darned cute.

And when Hayes finally called Uncle, Clint was there to help him the rest of the way. Me? Ummm, well, I was.... helping Reeder?

Please notice what Hayes is doing to Y's hand... Sorry, Y, we can't always protect you.

The view from above.

Our adorable Y. Yes, we think he's very pretty, too.

We also did what may have been the highlight for Hayes-a wonderful ghetto waterpark with absolutely no rules. Unfortunately, the waterslides and my lil pink camera dont work well together so you'll just have to imagine Hayes walking with me up six flights to do one of the biggest slides, I'm scared, but trying just to go with it. Luckily, we got to the top and he decided he'd rather do some of the smaller options. I was grateful for his reasoning.

Moving on...


  1. Fun pics and you look GOOOOD kid! Hot Mama!

  2. Wow! Those are some bridges! Amazing! And it looks like everyone is having a great time!
    Grama Max