Sunday, July 31, 2011

San Juan Islands

A trip to the San Juans. We did more ferry rides during this week than probably most have done in a lifetime. And they had their own set of obstacles... But, we navigated the islands well and saw some more beautiful parts of this great country.

As has become habit, I take photos into my own hands...

Hayes enjoying the views. I think this is where a bald eagle was spotted...

And Weiler took a break inside the huge ferry. Always along for a good time, ready to smile and know that as long as our babe is being held, he's happy as can be.

Look closely and you'll see Clint and Hayes. This was on an amazing little hike where whale watching is a regular occurance. Unfortunately, we missed by about 15 minutes.

More incredible tide pools, however, and some great rock hopping is what the kids enjoy best, anyway.

And I may have failed to mention the dogs enough thus far. They absolutely loved the trip. We all, as a family, like to be as close as possible as often as possible. This holds true for the dogs, as well. Lefty and Poncho have not smiled this much, since, well, North Topsail. And that was before kids...

Sometimes, about once every few weeks, Hayes sits still, and watches. It doesn't happen regularly, but when it does I wonder what is going on in the red headed brain.

Reeder loved the tidepools. Shockingly, she wanted to know what everything was, why it was there, and how it worked. I tried to answer, but fell short. Luckily, on one of our hikes there was a Marine Biologist studying the grasses of tide pools. He was able to help her much more than I.

Let's continue, shall we?

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  1. Love Weiler's big smiles! What a beautiful baby!
    Grama Max