Monday, August 1, 2011


Forget it. We took back the reins. This is, after all, OUR blog. And, well, Mom just isn't funny enough. So, Reeder here to take you through Sekui, Washington. You know that map of the US? Well, go as North (up) and West (left) as you can go and right before you get to as far as you can in the US, you'll find Sekui. It was pretty amazing. I don't think many people go there, and that made it even better for us. Mom frantically found us yet another great house as our home base. Huge yard, more love for the dogs.

And the best, what you don't read about, what no one tells you! We went exploring to the shore near our place. IT WAS THE MOST SPECTACULAR TIDEPOOL EVER!!!!

First, though, I hung back with Dad. See, I don't like him out of my sight. In fact, I like to hold his hand constantly, sleep with him, be AS CLOSE AS POSSIBLE. So, when Mom and Hayes had a random dog following them on the beach, I stayed back with my Dad and Y.

Hayes was the first to spot the sea urchins. We had no idea what was yet in store...

Mom doesn't bore us with scenery pics often but thought you'd like to see this amazing place.

And the investigation begins.

How cool is this sea star? Oh, and how cute am I?

And the anemones! Now, I'm not one to just touch stuff, but luckily for me my brother is. So, he just knelt down and touched the anemones!!!!!!!! Can you believe it? And the shrunk back. It was so cool. So, after Hayes taught me (yes, every so often he teaches me something) that I shouldn't be a fraid of a gooey green thing living in the sea, I touched it!!! Can you believe it? And it was SO amazing!

Look closely and you'll see dad with living sea urchins. I'm telling you, this day was fabulous!

And when we got to the tip of the beach, you could see where there used to be a lighthouse. No longer, but we still got to climb around and explore.

Ahhh, my mother. I love her. Dearly. Where's Dad?

Gotta run, gonna go play with some neighbors and have Hayes take over the next post. You can thank me later for taking over from boring Mom. Where's Dad?


  1. Great pics! Looks like it was a fun trip in a beautiful area!

  2. I love the picture of Hayes standing on the rock! WOW!
    Grama Max