Monday, August 1, 2011

Olympic National Park

Hayesyboy here folks! Reeder told me how boring Mom was being, so we're steppin in here on behalf or you, our faithful fans. All 6 of you.

OK, off to another national park. Wahoo! Yipee!

First stop, a lil lunch.

Oh, remember how Mom hates slugs and snails? Check out what we're riding!

And you know my sis is OBSESSED with ranger badges. Well, we had to go on ranger led hike. Let's go! PS. Notice where Dad and Reeder the front, holding hands. I'm more of the back of the line type kid.

And I was told that trees aren't for climbing, and I get it. Kind of. I mean I GET that we're supposed to protect them and all. But can't we climb just a little bit? What if I smile really big?

So thoughtful. Dad tries his best to find peace in the chaos. Good luck, old man.

I'm trying to listen, I'm trying to listen. But sometimes my legs just won't stop moving. At least Reeder's paying attention.

I can't stop climbing. This time I got in real trouble by the ranger. I decided enough is enough. Mom, please put me in the stroller and I'll take a nap during the rest of this boring hike.

Those were some big trees (I like to point out the obvious).

Dad checking out all the moss. I think Y was pretty bored, too. He slept most of the time.

And Reeder took notes so that she could ensure another badge. At this moment she was drawing a picture of her favorite part of the forest.

The moss. Did you know that the trees actually grow little roots up into all the moss? Me neither, but Reeder wanted me to type that.

More scenic moss...

And the ceremony.

And the proud rangers (I'm not letting it go that he didn't want me climbing that ONE tree).

I did have my rents PROMISE that on the way out of the park we could stop and play in the river. Your welcome.

Those two at the river....

Oh, this was cool. We made an awesome picnic and drove to Hurricane Ridge. Pretty nice spot for lunch, don't you think?

And when you gotta go, you gotta go. I think the deer was impressed.

Then Dad took Reed and me on a nice snowy adventure. We went hiking in our "snow gear" for a long time. Gotta give Y some Momma time, ya know?

Wait! Y!!! You're supposed to be bonding with your mother!!!

Then, we were leaving. And there were cars pulled over on the side of the road where you're not supposed to stop. And we did. HOLY MOLY!!!! A BEAR!!!!

We got this great idea from Ms. Karla. A restaurant. So, I named it, and Mom did the rest.

And it worked so well cuz this little house had a sunroom that made the perfect restaurant.

Until you stick your finger in a lighthouse and can't get it out. Mom brought over a knife. Very funny, mother, very funny.

And s'mores!!!!

So, Lefty likes fetch. And she'll try to get anyone to play with her. Poor dog. I'll be right Lefty!

Another flower field for our Mom, who aspires to be a photographer. Maybe some day, Mom, but you should think about not having anymore children. You carry around enough as it is.

This pic is a sneak preview of things to come. Got uploaded out of order. Just wait.....

In her attempt to get a pic of Y, they thought you wouldn't notice y's tripod. Don't worry, they were laughing through it all.

Lime Kiln Point State Park. Amazing. Another best hike of 2011. Remember how much Mom loves slugs? I FREAKED HER OUT!

We made it all the way to the lighthouse. Looong hike. But, we're getting pretty good at long hikes.

family portrait time. And when I nicely explain that I don't want anymore pics taken of me, this is what happens.

Thw most amazing cove was along this trail. So, we hiked even further and enjoyed what most people just look at, but we were here for the experience!

The rock climbing was amazing!

The water was a touch chilly. OK, it was freezing! But, we love water!

Dad, going to his happy place.

Ahhh, aren't they a cute couple?

That's a wrap. No, not of our trip, just this portion! Handin' it back to Reed, now!

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  1. The flowers are outstanding! And do tell Reeder way to go with her Ranger badges! Grama Max