Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Chicago is...

MY KIND OF TOWN! I loved it! Every SINGLE minute of it. I think I'm a big city girl at heart. So wonderful. The trains. The buses. The museums. The taxis. The lights. The snow. The AMERICAN GIRL STORE! I love Chicago.

But let's back up. Remember, my birthday wasn't finished last time I blogged about it. Well, I was waiting for the closing ceremonies. Girls' weekend to Chicago. We planned this a long time ago, way before we knew Weiler was Weiler. Back then I said that if the baby was a girl, she could come, boy baby, we'll see. I changed my mind the day Weiler was born. No lie. I told my Mom as soon as I met this incredible bundle of joy that a boy baby was more than welcome on our girls' weekend. So, we left Hayes in the care of Big Mama (and Papa, too). They had a blast, but that is NOT what this blog is about tonight. Nope, we're heading to Chicago. Hop on the Megabus with us and let's roll!

There was so much snow! I've never seen so much. Couldn't even open the gate to get to the park to play. But that was A-OK, we had plenty else to do in this windy and snowy city. My dad calls my mom cityAnnie when they travel. Well, Dad, I introduce you to cityReeder. Or cityMeatball. Or cityDesertRat. Or cityPoose. Whatever you want to call me is fine.

Waiting for the train. I loved all the public transportation. I definitely got more comfortable as the weekend continued. At first, I was a little unsettled by the space between the platform and the train. Can you imagine? Rookie move.

Oh, the money spot. American Girl store was even BETTER than expected. I ended up going with Molly, she won my heart with the red white and blue tap outfit. I just KNOW my Dad is going to love it. That's why I picked it, truly. But first Molly and I got dressed up in our flower girl dresses. You know, I'm going to be the flower girl for Aunt Boo's wedding. Never to early too start practicing.

There's Molly in her rockin' outfit. Don't you think it's grand? She even got her own little teacup. This tea was fantastic. They even sang happy birthday to me. Girls' only-Mom, Aunt Boo and me. Oh, yeah, Weiler, but he was not the center of attention, don't worry. Do you think my mom should nurse Weiler at the tea while drinking champagne? Aunt Boo and Mom laughed about it later-they didn't even realize it at first! Molly was fantastic-it took me a little while to get her all set for lunch, everything had to be just right!

Ooooh, city lights. Glorious, beautiful Chicago. On our way home to meet up with Prince Evan at 1 of 3 pizzerias for the weekend.

Aunt Boo was so wonderful. She colored with me and colored with me and colored some more. She and Prince Evan gave me new markers, crayons and coloring books for my big day (not to mention American Girl palooza) so we went to town!

And there was some male bonding time squeezed in there, too.

And more snow came! Can you believe it? We made it out before most shoveling happened so we took to the roads. It was fantastic, and so beautiful, and SO much fun!

And then we went to the childrens museum. That's where Prince Evan and I built a small house for almost two hours. He was my apprentice! And Weiler looked on...

And hung with Aunt Boo during building time.

And we kept on building. This was the lanai.

And then we went to chase butterflies once the adults convinced me that there might be other wonderful things to do in the museum.

My mom liked this sign. Enough said. And I agree. I wish she'd put her phone a little more often, too.

And then we got ready for the super bowl. Amber had some work to do, on facebook, I'm sure, so Prince Evan got to hold Y.

No, we're not finished with Chicago! Museum of Science and Industry. 2 problems with this museum.
1. There was some loud thunder in one part, which freaked me out terribly.
2. We didn't allot enough time. So that means we're gonna HAVE to go back to Chicago. I'm serious.
For those of you who know us well, you know the Kappel humor to be found here...

I had Mom take this pic for my brother left at home. I even picked out a tractor in the gift shop to bring home to him. I did miss him, even said so, maybe once. So I wanted him to know what we did and that we love him! Maybe next time, hayesyboy.

Ooooh, this is for my rents. They have a mean competitive streak with air hockey. Mom always wins, by a lot, but Dad keeps trying. Kind of like soccer tennis. Anyway, I really like mazes. So this is the perfect combo of their craziness and my calmness.

Oh, did you see my hair tie in the above pic? We got that at American Girl-it was our napkin ring, pretty cool!

And this one is for Aunt Kari. She has a thing for clowns.

This is my comfort zone. Ask me anything. Teach me anything. I even told my Mom that one of my favorite things about Chicago was when that lady was teaching me at the museum. Genes. What 5 year old isn't interested?

This cool museum has baby chicks that hatch EVERY day! Super cool! We didn't see one come out but they sure were pecking those shells! And I was a little annoyed with the camera.

Last day in Chicago, third pizza place evaluated. Let's get a taxi and get outta here!

See ya next time! A huge thanks to Aunt Boo and Prince Evan. Without you two this blog wouldn't have been possible! You all ROCK!


  1. WE HAD SO MUCH FUN!! Come back anytime and bring Hayes and Clint!

  2. What fun! And what a story you tell! I think I'm going to need a nap just from the reading of the blog. So glad Chicago didn't disappoint (as usual)...
    Grama Max

  3. Love the American Girl pictures. I will have to get more details about the place when we talk next. Love the blog!