Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Life as we pose it

Reeder here, ya'll. First off, where are the comments? You people claim to be following our blog, but, well, I can't hear you! So, come on, leave us some love!

Alright, enough berating. We went to the museum center the other day. You might see it as an awesome cave and such, but, well, Julia and I saw it as the perfect setting for a modeling shoot.

And Hayes will climb anything. Stalagmite is no exception.

Watch out America-your next top models are in Cincinnati!

NikNik is pretty good at posing too. She loves getting her hands on Y.

This is my serious pose.

Peace out!

Enough of that. So, we go to the grocery store about once a month. And for some crazy reason mom took all three of us with her. You can't see Hayes, but he's in the car under his boots. I have no idea where I am, and you can clearly see Y. Just look north of the apples, west of the chex.

Y was sooooo cold. Aunt NikNik is on this extreme cost cutting deal where she basically is using no heat. Some could say she's green. We say she's crazy. It was freeeeeeeezing. We convinced her to crank it up, but in the meantime we had to bundle the cutest baby ever.

Ooooh, this was fun. I love school. I love tests. I love showing off my big brain. Hearing test at 5 year check up? Right up my alley!

And Y was with me for his 2 month. 14 14, cool weight for Y, if you ask me!

This is Hayes talking on his ZhuZhu pet phone. He's so weird...

Hey, I'm off to Chicago-see ya in the Windy City!


  1. I just came by to say yo yo yo. Love the blog! Love All 3 kiddos. Reeder is a-dorable. Hayes is awesome and Weiler WILL be stolen next time I see you. I love the Where's Waldo picture. Where's Weiler, I mean.

    xoxoxoxo from Texas,

  2. Funny pictures of all the kids! Love the grocery cart pic! Hope you kiddos are staying warm up there!

  3. i'm glad reeder loves tests since she is the smartest person she knows!