Tuesday, February 22, 2011

More Cincy, folks

Reeder at your service. Thought I'd take you on a trip to our normal routine. Findlay Market. We love it. We even get our own money, pay the vendors. Even order m&m (my bro pronounces it eminema) cookies from the deaf bakery. We're that good. So, thought you'd like to see us there.

And as opposed to 29, Mom leaves us regularly. We even have a "babysitter". Not just random friends that Mom swaps favors for like the rest of our lives. Paige. She rocks. I guess if you're going to have a babysitter, it's good to have a good one, one that Hayes and I both like. You see, Y has never been left with her, just us big kids. Anyway, last week Mom had to leave us and Paige was a bit busy, soooo, Paige's parents watched us, too. Who do you think would step up? Grama Max and Grampa Don were in Chicago, Big Mama was at a party, and Papa, well, we thought we'd give him a break. So, we went to Paige's field hockey game with her rents.

Ms. Renee....

Mr. John... (who I don't think really volunteered to spend his Sunday this way...)

Oh, I forgot to mention. This post is also photographed by yours truly. So, it may seem a bit random. But that's how my 5 year old brain works, a little here and there. Just stick with me.

Hayes has a slight obsession with monster trucks. So, I thought you'd like to see one of his favs, Madusa. Get it? Mad USA. And it's driven by a Gail (that's how Hayes says girl).

Maybe this is what Hayes will do for his parent mandated college scholarship.

Oooh, the mysterious Paige. You can tell that she's a great babysitter, no?

And folks, it is starting to warm up around here. You know what that means? Zoo! Let's rock and roll to our first visit to the zoo this year!
And, of course, we ran into Fouad.

Wondering why we have the huge smiles? Just wait...

March of the penguins!

How cute are these king penguins? We loved it! But then had some behavior problems so we had to leave the zoo a bit early and with haste.

Well, let's leave this cold, pass the computer over to our Mom for a sec, and head to Florida!


  1. Is it wrong that I want to hear more about the "behavior problems"? :)

  2. That March of the Penguins looks like so much fun. And Fouad told me how great it was to see you all- sure made his day.
    And I do think Hayes has some potential in field hockey?