Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Well, well, well.  I'm the big ol' six now, folks.  I'm smarter, taller and stronger then ever.  

We've gotta start this party right!  How bout cake for breakfast?  Thank you very much!

And I'll invite my friends over, too, to start the celebrating.  Notice, please, that Lefty wanted in on the cake action, too.

And my big present came early!  Dad made it just in the nick of time-he had been gone for a couple weeks.  But, when I woke up on the holy day-look who was there to celebrate!  Happy birthday to me, for sure!  And he took me outside, I was very confused.  Until I saw a new basketball hoop!!!  WOO WOO, lucky me, lucky me, lucky me.  Can this get any better?

We got a little hoop time before he went back to the salt mill, as he calls it.

And then for the big festivities.  Luckily for me, I have TWO good friends who's birthdays are close to mine.  So, we had a tea party for 3!  (And all our friends, of course.)  Here are the three birthday girls getting ready for cake time!


Oh, whoops, out of order.  Put this one back at the top for the actual birthDAY celebration.

And we had a face painter at our party, too!  Spectacular.  We all dressed up in our best clothes for the fanciest tea party of all!

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