Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Power Outage = Palm Springs

Reeder at your service.

Let me explain how ridiculous it sometimes is to live in this place.  Planned power outages.  I think we are about to have our fifth.  Let me ask you all, our faithful followers, something.  Have you EVER been a part of a planned power outage?  Ridiculous.  And not because were using too much energy (I try to be very good about turning out lights).  Because of some cokcamammmy excuse.  Who knows.  Anyway, enough already.  So, a few moms and the kids escaped to the land of power.  AKA, the rest of the United States.  Or Palm Springs.  We rented a cool little house, and enjoyed a night of power.

That's Y, being his silly self.  As long as mom's around.

My good friend Matti and me.  That pool was fantastic.
And that little cute head?  Kendrick, of course.  Ms. Kara came up from San Diego to hang.  Luckily for us she brought two lifeguards, Kendrick and Sully.  And even though Sully wasn't required to make a save, he jumped right in quite a few times in anticipation.
And that's how much Hayes and I love each other....sometimes.

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