Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The crazies come to town

Weiler here.  The only voice of reason.  But since I don't have many words yet, no one really listens.  But, if you were to be quiet (which never happens around here) and listen, really listen, you would here a 16 month old with a lot of wisdom.  Try this on for size-6 children and 2 Moms in one house is going to be nuts.  I'd cuss there if I was allowed.  Crazy nuts.  Like crazy wicked nuts.  OK, you get the point.

Unfortunately for me, and Helen, and Leo, and Hayes, and Reeder, and Eden, no one listens.

Do Aunt Biz and Mom think these things through?  Nope.  

I asked Lefty and Poncho.  They agreed.

Well, we'll let the adults plan ten days of us all in our huge base housing house.  At least we had the monster truck for Leo.  And the girls spent most of their time playing in Reeder's room.  And Helen sleeps a lot.  But where?  Oh, in my parents bathroom.  Yep, they put her pack n play in there.   Lucky girl, it was dark with white noise.  Jealous.

One good part of the plan, though, In N Out burger.  You can't go wrong if this is going to be how you start the trip.  

Notice Leo and Hayes.  This was probably the last time they were getting along.  I think Leo is flashing the peace symbol.  Not likely.  They fought continuously for the entire ten days.

And we weren't really supposed to see Dad, but, well, he had to come back to the office from the field so the Irvins got one good hug.
As I mentioned, the girls were absolutely perfect.  At times they would come out of their club house long enough to eat or have a very well thought out fashion show.

Then we decided to take this show on the road.  At least the two fams had a bit of space, meaning a door connecting our one bedroom cottages.

The beach was awesome.

Hayes kept complaining that his trunks were bothering him so he got to swim in his regular shorts.

Well, kinda.

And for some crazy reason, Eden's Colorado blood got a bit chilly in the Pacific.  So, she found a nice warm spot to soak in some rays.

These might be my two favorite pics of the entire blog.  I love my matching cousin, Helen.  Isn't she downright adorable?  You see, we also call her HaHa cuz she's always full of smiles.

Wait for it...

Love her!

And here I am, supervising the show.  Someone's got to be the voice of reason.

Thanks, Ms. Kandi, for listening to me, and agreeing with my opinions about the ridiculousness of it all.

The last to go in the first evening...
Everyone else went up for some rest and warm showers.  I'd be in this one but someone's gotta take the pics, you see.

And we went on a bit of an adventure hike.  Ms. Megan's got her hands full...

And then Reeder and Mom went off by themselves on a lil bonding time.  Lucky Reeder.

Matti and a gorgeous sunset.  Not many beach pics comin' from Boulder.

Reeder and Eden are totally bff's.  It's totally amazing.  I hope HaHa and I are like that someday.  They slept together every night and barely left each other's side.  They comforted each other, read to each other, everything.  How amazing.  Lucky cousins :).


  1. Weler....quit your whining! You loved every minute of snuggling your aunt biz!

  2. I think Weiler shows a lot of wisdom for his brief 16 months. When you don't have a lot of words, you have more time to think.

  3. Love the pics. The last one especially! :)