Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Life in the Palms

Hey friends!  Weiler here, to take you on a trip through our lives as of late.  It's been a while, so we've got a bit to cover, but I'd love for you to follow me, and my smile, as I begin.

But first, if you want this to go smoothly, don't take my mom anywhere.  Thanks.  You see, we are a bit attached to each other.  Some say that it's me attached to her, but I think not.  I mean, have you seen her in the car when she's left me?  Me neither, but I bet she's crying, too.

We sometimes jam out.  Everyone grab an instrument, make up some lyrics and join in the fun!

How cool am I?  I'll just pose right here a few more times.  Oops!  What?  Oh, I forgot my pants again.  What do you expect?  I'm the third.  Guess I'll get pants when I can figure out how to put em on myself.

Fine, I'll join the jam session.

That was exhausting.  Gotta snuggle now.
Check out my face!  Well, I probably wasn't being properly supervised.  Fell into the bench in our kitchen.  Gotta get a first bruiser at some point in this fam.
My sibs need some supervision at the skate park.  And I'm just the kid for the job.  Grab me some crackers and I could do this all day.

There's my awesome sis Reeder.  I'll tell you what, she is pretty awesome to have around.  I snuggle her, she reads me books, helps me up on the couch, plays basketball with me.  you know, the important stuff.
Don't worry, it only appears that she's going to ride off into the sunset.
Hysterical.  I love running to people (mostly my mother).  It's the little things in life, you know.
Hayes, my big bro, who is very patiently allowing his pic to be taken during yet another beautiful desert sunset.  Thanks, Hayes.
And when they start to drive me nuts, I take them to home depot.  I would like to throw away the keys some days.  But, you know what, they both are pretty good to me on a normal basis.  When they give me space.
Perfect example of the help I receive.  Thanks, Poose, for helping with my first bowling experience.
Oh, this is how I roll.  Almost always.  And 90 % of the time it's my left foot that's bare.  No lie.  Mom usually (but not always) puts shoes and socks on my feet.  My left foot just needs to breathe, ya know?  Just about daily.
And since dad's been doin his Marine thing for a few weeks we do a lot of stuff with the wifeys.  Here's Ms. Jessica lending me a hand.  Thanks chica!
And mom rewarding my siblings wonderful behavior (if you believe that you obviously don't know us too well).  Mom probably just wanted a sundae herself so we accidentally were included.  Sometimes it's good to have a stay at home mom.  And don't worry, I got one too.  A cookie one I shared with Queen Mother.
And there are some perks to being a Marine Corps brat.  We get some cool stuff round these parts.  And since we live in.the.middle.of.nowhere oftentimes there's no one else where we go.  So, for instance, we pretty much get the skaters all to ourselves when Vans brings a cool thing to our skate park.  And YOU KNOW we will be at the skate park.  He's the big K's getting autographs and free stuff.  I'm just smiling at someone, doing what I do.  Where's my mom?
The loot :)
Another perk?  My mom's friend, Ms. Megan, scored some donated tickets to the tennis tournament down in Indian Wells.  They were yapping' that the ticket price said something crazy like $350!  What?  See?  Sometimes it pays to be a spouse.  Dad's been gone for six weeks and Mom gets that?  Sounds almost fair.  And they got tickets to some fancy lunch.  Oh, and free hats.  That's dad's favorite player, Roger Federer, Dad calls him Rojere.  Try to make it sound fancy and you get his humor.  Anyway, I guess he won the thing.  And Mom left us home ALL day.  8.5 hours!  I was asleep when she got home.  Luckily for Mom, I was pretty good for our rockin' babysitter.  But I would prefer that never happen again.  I think I may be encouraging her by even posting this.
The ladies who left their children-Ms. Jessica (no children yet so they're lucky), Ms. Megan (left 2 behind), and Mom.  Yeah, whatever.
And on the way home-snow in the desert.  Crazy.  This place is nuts.
Peace out friends!  Gonna try to go to sleep-Mom took away my pacifier so it takes me a bit longer these days.

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