Thursday, March 22, 2012


Hayes here, to hike you through Tahquitz Canyon.  This is one of the most gorgeous hikes in our area.  And it's pretty easy, too, which always helps if you're 3.  (I'm 4 now, but at the time of the hike I was 3).  And, it's down in Palm Springs, which always makes Mom happy because then she can go to Target.

So, Mom invited her friends, and we got to hike with Ms. Katherine and Ms. Jessica.  We were hoping for a bit warmer water, but it sure will be refreshing in the coming months.  Like now, probably.

Check out the amazing waterfall at the perfect halfway point of the loop!  Oooh, and that water was calling my name!

Doesn't it look like Reeder is catching the water?  She's pretty clever, yes she is.
And there's all three of us with Momma.  Y is in the carrier, takin' a snooze.  I think he rides in that thing more than the average 6 month old.  Lucky little brother.
And Reeder and I love climbing rocks.  One of the best things to do round here.  We are so brave!
And I'm sure I was doing something very funny in preparation for the photo, resulting in you not being able to see my face.  Oh, well, it's really about the scenery in Tahquitz canyon anyway.

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  1. Some serious catching up going on this week. The canyon looks like a great hike.