Friday, April 27, 2012


I'm taking over.  I'm at the helm.  Weiler here.  THE BEST PLACE ON EARTH.  I LOVED BEARIZONA.  I want to go back.  This place was absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!  Do you get it?  GO!

And I am being 100% serious.  This was a dream come true.  I didn't even know what bears were before this glorious place.

Unbuckle the seat belts, cue the little computer they give us to learn about the animals, all children climb in the front.  Let's go!

I mean everywhere I looked it got more amazing!
Check out these little guys-they were only 3 months old.  And you can't see too well, but the one on the left is on top of his brother and sister.  Been there, done that.

Oh, this was the kindergarten class.  Those crazy bears were climbing like maniacs!

Oh, and the petting zoo.  Can this place get any better?  I think not!
Too cool for school.  I guess Dad had a pig growing up.  They fed it dog food.  Just ask Hayes, or Dad, they both know all the details.
Reeder loved the guinea pigs.  Asked Mom is she could get one.  Nice try, sis, nice try.
Then we went to a very delicious steak house in Williams.  And if there is a huge cow outside, you just HAVE to pose with it, right?
Geocaching.  Oh, the glory of this vacay.  And I actually was allowed to do a lot of hiking during this portion.  Good times, good times.
And, of course, I didn't just walk.
When I got tired, we'd let the others walk ahead and Mom and I would bond.

Check out this cache!  Gotta be one of the coolest we've ever found!
The Kappel boys.
bonding with my momma.

Alternate modes of transportation.  And very green.

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