Friday, April 27, 2012

Dad's Deploying...Again :(

I guess I, Hayes, will take this post.  You see, all the others in this family are too busy crying.  In fact, on the way home yesterday I pretended to fake cry to join in on the action.  But my laughter while trying to was a dead giveaway, I guess.  Mom told me to cut it out.

So, you may remember last year, when Dad deployed that time?  Well, his XO, then Lt. Mossbarger, had a baby girl THE EXACT same day as Y.  Cute.  So, here they are again.  Now Capt. Mossbarger (congrats) came to send the guys off.

And here's my Dad, stud, with my bro, getting a little love in before he takes off for the buses, to get to the Air Force Base 6 hours early.  Papa Jerry would be proud.

One last hug.  That was such a good one I have no worries that it'll stay with him til he gets home.
And Reeder's.
And Y's.
Mom didn't get one.  JUST KIDDING!  She did, she just didn't want it documented.  Love to you, Daddy-O, come home soon!


  1. Hang in there. Love all the beautiful pictures of FAMILY!

  2. Thanks for the pictures, but we are hoping those will be the last ones. We don't any more of those photo ops.

  3. Love to you ALL for your strength! His strength in serving, yours in standing strong while he does. So much gratitude to you all. Hurry home Clint!