Friday, April 27, 2012

Easter in Flagstaff and Munds Park

Hayes here.  Folks, the next few posts are gonna rock!  We had an AWESOME redeployment leave!  WOO WOO!

But first, we have to give a shout out where a shout out is deserved.  Thanks Ms. Karen and Mr. Kraig Marton!  They are Ms. Megan's parents, and they let us crash their cabin in Munds Park for the week!!!

Can you believe it?  The place was fantastic.  Reeder and I shared a room, with a skylight!  And there was a pile of tree stumps outside that made for a great game of junkyard.  And not to mention the huge porch that provided lots of hiding places for the Easter Bunny.  But I'm getting ahead of myself.  

Let's start with night 1, we had some eggs to dye.

Even Y got in on the action.  Needless to say his were pretty cracked up before the evening was finished, but, hey, that may have been the look he was going for!
Reeder, shockingly, was very meticulous, methodical, and took her time.
Me, I kinda just did my own thing.

Reeder and I were so worried that the Easter Bunny was not going to find us all tucked away in the woods in Arizona.  Lucky for the morning there were eggs galore!
And I found my basket without too much trouble!
Y had a little help.  But the little man scored a basketball hoop in his, and he still plays with that thing daily.
And Reeder's was the hardest.  Upstairs IN THE SHOWER!  We thought that was hilarious!
Easter eggs outside?  Man, that was good!
And, of course, like all 6, 4 and 1 year old children, we know the real reason for Easter.  Something about Jesus?  We took our baskets to one of the most beautiful churches we have even seen (no offense St. James) and paid very close attention.
Look closely, Dad looks funny :)
And Reeder, always ready for a pose.  Me, not so much, I don't prefer all the picture taking these days.

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  1. LOVE the Easter egg dying in wine glasses! :)