Friday, April 27, 2012

Life Round Here

Well, as you know, when we're not doing the big stuff, we've got all sorts of little stuff to keep us busy.  Tony Stewart was supposed to come to 29.  They posted it, got us all excited, then something happened with his flight, supposedly, and we got to pose with the cardboard cut out.  Oh, well, we don't even know who Tony Stewart is.  But Hayes calls him Bony Tony.

Mom thought I was being cute, I guess.  Asleep, but still accessorized.

And this was the beginning of a failed attempt at sleeping outside.  Well, we'll get back to camping in a tent one of these days.  For know, I wanted to post this cuz it's pretty funny, don't you think?  Mom and Y didn't even try, and Hayes and I crashed their party by midnight.
Look closely, this is my baby brother eating a dog biscuit.  Yep, Dad gave it to him to feed the dogs.

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  1. What kid HASN'T eaten pet food at some point? Only kids without pets I would guess. :)