Friday, April 27, 2012

Horse Back Riding Time

I am way digging my new sport.  Horse back riding.  

Probably helps that mom let me spend quite some time on amazon picking out my helmet.  Purple, embellished, of course.  But, I do love it.  And I have to admit that my instructor, Ms. Jessica, rocks the house too.  And what a small world (that's a joke, of course 29 is small) but Dad worked with Ms. Jessica's husband and knew Ms. Jessica from working on old cars.  Small world...

That's Trixter, tall drink of water, that horse is, but I've got him figured out!
Don't mind me, I'll just lead Trixter back to the stables.
You think I'm some prissy girl who won't get dirty?  Think again (but a long, cleansing shower will come later), I work for Trixter, too.
THanks for holding the gate, Ms. Jessica!
I'm loving this, and Dad got to see me a couple times, too.  And what else?  Mom signed me up for horse camp this summer!  Can NOT wait!

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