Friday, April 27, 2012

Can you hear a boy if he falls from a tree?

I should've started this blog with a picture of the tree.  And this is what my mom gets for trying to exercise.  Since there is no where that she can dump us and work out, she has resulted in taking us to a park, gasp, and letting Reeder and I play in the great open spaces of this glorious Earth, while she and Y circle a track.  And circle the track.  And circle the track.

Well, what's a boy in the desert supposed to do?  Oh my!  Is that a tree?  It MUST be climbed.  But coming down is a bit harder...

And I cried and cried.

And after about 5 hours of not walking Mom finally decided that there may be a problem. 

Turns out that it is NOT broken.  I wore a splint for a few days.  Still limping.  Mom thinks a fracture or something was missed, cuz it's been ten days and I still have a hitch in my giddy up (that's what dad says).  But, we'll see.  Maybe back to ortho next week.


  1. Getting down is always harder than going up.

  2. Heal quickly little one. Plenty more trees need climbing!