Friday, April 27, 2012

Walnut Canyon

Another day of vacation, another outdoor adventure.

Today we went to Walnut Canyon.  Mom and Dad go for the hiking, Hayes and I go for the ranger badges.  Or, rather, I go for the ranger badges.  This is number 9.  And I am so excited about it that I guess that's why I put the pic first.

Aren't you proud of this junior ranger?  And this was a toughy-learned about the Hopi people and all sorts of other stuff.

Oh, and we also did some geocaching.  Since Y is either in the stroller or ergo, and sometimes needs snacks to coerce sitting, this is what his pants looked like by the end of the day.
Walnut Canyon.  Isn't this place just gorgeous?
Meeting with a ranger.  Learning about lichen and such.
And, the happy, exhausted fam.  That was one heck of a hike!  Whewy!
Hayes earning his ranger badge.  For those of you unaware, they have different levels for different ages.  So, Hayes had to do some matching game and tell her how the Hopi boys used bows and arrows.  Real tough stuff.
And Y studied the signs a bit while getting to stretch his legs.
Congrats Hayesy!
Now, not only did I have to answer VERY tough questions, but I also had to read the creed this go around.  This ranger wasn't accepting just anyone!

Off to the Grand Canyon!

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  1. It seems that even on your vacations, your kids are learning. Home schooling travels nicely. :)